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Let’s share a love and passion for music

Thanks for taking the time to find my website. I hope that you find you it useful and informative. I’m sure if you’ve managed to find my site it’s fair to say we probably share a love and passion for music and the manner in which it is reproduced.

My name is David Baker and I’ve worked in the hi-fi industry for over 20 years during which time I have seen many changes and developments. I’ve seen vinyl disappear, then come back again and of course the advent and coming of age of “streamed” music.

Over the years I have sold most of the “major” brands and some of those less well known ones. I have also worked for a rather well known high end manufacturer.

Most of the brands I’ve dealt with have been very good, some less so, I’ve always had a niggle in the back of my mind that more was possible, that lots of the popular brands were simply missing a beat. Maybe I just didn’t “connect” with them and the musical journey they attempted to take me on.

Therapy: Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder

I’m a firm believer that good quality music reproduced to a high standard is one of life’s true pleasures. It can lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety after a long day, make you laugh, smile or cry. It’s great therapy for the busy lives we lead today and it can have a profound effect on one’s well being. Speaking personally, I couldn’t live without music in my life and I love what I do.

I represent a relatively small number of select brands and products, dealing only with companies that excel in their own particular field. My goal is to reproduce music to the highest possible standard and the products in my portfolio have been chosen to do just that!

Vitus Audio SIA-030 @ Audio Therapy

In addition to the supply of actual components, we have an extensive selection of ‘system essentials’ that will enable you to experience your existing hi-fi system performing to the very highest of standards. These upgrades will stay with you as and when you change hardware as well. They provide essentially a system infrastructure and foundations for unlocking more music and better performance from what you have already invested in.

If your system is skipping a beat, sounds dull and lifeless or aggressive and fatiguing please get in touch for some ‘Audio Therapy‘. We can ensure your system is performing to the very best of its abilities. The vast majority of people will never hear their system performing anywhere near its best. With the right mixture of bits  we can allow your system to breath, become more natural, more dynamic and refined with no grain, harshness or fatigue. Check out some of our customer testimonials for feedback on what we do!

All of the products I deal with have brilliant synergy with one another and excel in delivering music naturally, with poise, texture, air & space, exciting dynamics with no fatigue. If I’m not prepared to use a product myself at home, how could I be expected to try and sell that product to others?

I firmly believe that in order to show what a component is capable of, it has to be demonstrated, with care, in the customers home, using their system, with their music, so they can really hear what their system and their new potential purchase is capable of delivering.

Gold Note Mediterraneo Gold Leaf @ Audio Therapy

Correct set-up is critical with any system and using the right combination of products knowing which items have natural synergy with one another is vitally important. This is one area where experience of knowing what works well in certain scenarios and systems pays dividends. I love throwing someone an unexpected curve ball and watching their reaction!

With Audio Therapy the last thing you will find is a system that is aggressive, fatiguing and one that makes older or poorer recordings impossible to listen to. What you will find is music played back so naturally with texture, air and grace and with such superb levels of realism you will soon discover what you been missing!

Much has changed in the past 20 years in hi-fi, some good, some not so good, that said I’m really excited for the next 20 years (and beyond!) and hope some of you will come along for the journey and discover how good your music can be.

Boenicke Audio W11 @ Audio Therapy

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