//Melco N1ZH/2 is now on demonstration!

Melco N1ZH/2 is now on demonstration!

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There’s been a lot of noise on the Internet about the mk2 versions of the Melco servers, my demo model of the N1ZH/2 is now sitting in pride of place in the demonstration room, sounding significantly better than the outgoing model, this new range of models are clearly the ones to beat if you are after a serious streaming source/server look no further.

The sound quality on offer by this model is nothing short of staggering, this replaced a mk1 N1A and I was in the lucky position to have both side by side for a few days before my demo N1A was shipped out. Of course, you’d expect the new N1ZH/2 to be better than an original N1A, after all it is twice the price, but my reference system, which is very revealing and I know it inside out it was one of those rare moments where you sit with you mouth open.

One of the albums I often go to when you listening to new equipment is the second album by the brilliant Vampire Weekend, Contra. It’s a great (but eccentric!) album but it can sometime sound a bit aggressive in the moments when there’s a lot going on. Not any more! The slightly aggressive leading edge on the percussion on the title track has gone and in its place we have a brilliantly musical and huge sound stage, with real width and depth and no fatigue whatsover.

Just to point out, I’ve also had a listen to the new N1A/2 and that is also sonically superior to the outgoing N1A as well, markedly so. It certainly gives you a strong taste of what the N1ZH/2 does.

Anyone with a N1A mkI wishing to upgrade to any of the new models please get in touch, part-exchange on your Melco is no problem at all.

I’ve written extensively about the Melco range on the product page which you can find here

The Melco N1ZH/2 is priced at £4299.00

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