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Melco Firmware 3.70 Available Now!

Melco 3.70 @ Audio Therapy Melco have launched Firmware 3.70 which is available to download now, compatible with all Melco models.

It is integrating some tremendous functionality, further increasing ease of use and integration with other music services.

For sometime now purchases from highresaudio have downloaded directly onto the Melco hard drives which has been a favourite feature of many users, now Qobuz downloads are direct as well!

Qobuz Logo @ Audio Therapy

Simply enter your Qobuz username and password into the Downloader menu and away you go. Legacy purchases automatically download as do new purchases moving forward – more choice, ease of ease – happy days all round!

Melco 3.70 Qobuz @ Audio TherapyAlso anyone who has been using their Melco with a USB DAC streaming Tidal or Qobuz will have noticed that the front panel did not display the name of the track that was playing. It does now! Also they’ve added a logo on the display during playback so you can see which service you are streaming at any time.

The track display update is also relevant if you are playing back music locally but that music is stored externally to the Melco, i.e. on a USB or NAS drive.

Subtle additions on the face of it, but they all add up to making the Melco an even more compelling reason to get into a proper hard drive based streamer/server. No computer or conventional NAS drive required at all to rip, download and back your precious music collection. Learn more Melco



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