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All new Entreq Infinity range of cables

The Infinity line from Entreq is a completely new range of products and comprises of ground cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power cables. Entreq have gone back to the drawing board with this range of cables to try and extract the absolute best performance. After all what’s the point in changing an entire range of cables if you are not going to raise the performance level a notch or 2?

Entreq Infinity @ Audio Therapy

During the manufacturing process of the ground cables Entreq expose all of the new conductors to incredibly high pressure, this process actually reduces the resistance of the cables, the end result is not subtle. I’ve only had the opportunity to play with 1 ground cable so far, but compared to the predecessor there was quite a change in the performance, more transparency and musicality.

I have placed an order for a complete loom of cabling from every part of the range. It will be arriving in phases over the next month or two. I will start updating the main Entreq product pages once I actually get the cables in my permanent possession.

Existing Entreq owners have the opportunity for a cost effective upgrade path for their existing cables, please get in touch for more information.

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