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SongKong for Melco – A brilliant solution to fixing your music metadata!

Song Kong for Melco is an intelligent music tagger app designed to make the task of managing, organising and cleaning up your digital music collection easy, you can purchase it from here.

There are so many ways to create a digital music library these days, iTunes, dBPoweramp, Windows Media Player, 24 bits downloads, LP rips using Audacity, the list goes on and on.

CD’s downloaded or ripped in iTunes for example are fine when used within the confines of iTunes, but when you export them somewhere else problems can occur with missing artwork, or incorrect or inaccurate metadata.

Importing a digital music library which has been created from a variety of sources into a Melco can sometimes result in missing artwork or as mentioned above incorrect or inaccurate metadata, SongKong for Melco is the perfect fix!

Naim Rips

CD’s ripped using the Naim Unitiserve are automatically ripped to WAV, metadata is sourced form the All Music Guide (AMG). However, the metadata is stored in a unique file called amginfo.xml, this file is stored in the album folder as opposed to being embedded within the actual WAV files themselves. Providing you playback your music via the Unitiserve this is no cause for concern, but upgrade to a Melco or another streaming solution no metadata will show up for these WAV files, if even you copy the amginfo.xml file with the music, only the Naim can unpack this file.

Any Naim Uniti customer that needs to transfer their ripped files to other systems had to make a decision between Uncompressed Wav without portable metadata or converting to Compressed Flac. This allowed metadata to be stored but at the possible expense of sound quality since the Flac files are compressed.

The Fix!

SongKong for Melco can get around this issue and can embed the metadata correctly providing the original amginfo.xml file is present within each album folder.

So with the help of SongKong upgrading from to a Melco is no longer the headache it used to be! SongKong can process tracks at a rate of approximately 1000 per minute, so if you have a big library it’s not to much of a task!

I’ve had several customers with big collections of digital music, sourced from a massive variety of places as outlined above. Once this music is installed on the Melco you run SongKong through the library and your precious collection of digital music is perfect, adding high quality album artwork (you can resize to whatever size you want) and any missing metadata

Powerful Classical Tool

SongKong for Melco understands Classical music. The Metadata demands for Classical are very different to Pop/Rock music, credit is usually given to not only the performer but also the conductor, orchestra and composer. In Pop/Rock an album usually represents the artistic intent of the artist, i.e. the album was conceived and created as a single body of work. In Classical it is more complicated, Classical composers work in terms of Symphonies or Sonatas rather than albums, we call these Works. These works comprise sub works or movements, and there may be additional levels. When Classical music is released as an album it may only contain part of a work, or conversely multiple works, so the album grouping may not be the most important grouping. SongKong for Melco identifies Classical releases and captures this additional information in dedicated metadata fields. It can also identify other Classical information such as the Opus No and the performers with their instruments. SongKong for Melco can automatically update the new iTunes Work and Movement fields. Click here to find out more about Classical Music Tag editing.

iTunes Support

SongKong for Melco fully supports iTunes as well, so if you are an iTunes user you can ensure as songs are modified in SongKong for Melco those changes are automatically refreshed in iTunes. This includes adding new songs to iTunes and removing deleted songs from iTunes. This synchronisation of SongKong for Melco and iTunes means that you can enjoy the benefits of an organized music collection whether you are listening to your music on your computer at home or on the go with your smartphone, Mp3 player or from the cloud.

No Limits

If you have huge music library or literally just a couple of problem albums SongKong for Melco is the perfect solution, it’s simple to use but incredibly powerful.

SongKong for Melco is available to buy from here, Melco owners get a discount by entering their serial number at checkout


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