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Improve your Naim system with Entreq Infinity!

With the release of the new Infinity cables Entreq have been rather busy. They’ve released a whole new range of ground cables, interconnects, speaker cables and power cables all in one go.

Everyone who has either bought one of these new Infinity cables (or upgraded their non-Infinity version) has been delighted with the sonic improvements these new cables have brought to their systems.

The Infinity ground cables add a new level of refinement compared to what went before and deliver huge levels of musicality to your system with incredible levels of texture and transparency and typical of Entreq there is no hint of aggression or harshness.

As well as updating all of the ground cables to the new Infinity versions they have also released a completely new ground cable – one with a 5 pin din connection so you can connect your Naim integrated amplifier or Pre-amplifier to an Entreq ground box using one of the spare 5 pin din connections. The result is a bigger sound, which is cleaner, more dynamic and generally a lot more coherent. Music simply starts to flow more naturally and the Pace, Rhythm and Timing (which Naim are renowned for) really comes to life like never before.

The ground boxes and cables add absolutely nothing to the sonic signature of a system, they obviously can’t add information but simply allow you to drain away unwanted noise and pollutants (RFI, EMI for example) that are present in the signal path.

Entreq and Naim @ Audio Therapy

All you require is one of the small single post ground boxes, like a Silver Minimus or the new Olympus Ten and one of the ground cables. There is a selection of cables available on this page. The 2 most popular cables are the Challenger (£400) and Apollo (£600), both are quite different sonically – to find out which combination is best for your system please get in touch as we’d be happy to advise. The Silver Minimus would work well with things like a Nait 5 or Nait XS, NAC 152 or NAC202. If you have NAC172, NAC272, NAC282 or higher the Olympus Ten would be a better match. The benefit of connecting a ground box to a 172 and 272 is particular effective as they are 2 components that have an awful lot going on inside them – pre-amp (with integrated PSU as well), DAC, UPNP streamer.

As I’ve mentioned on the main Entreq page, this is one brand which keeps me incredibly busy, people keep coming back for more once they get a taster of what is possible and remember it doesn’t matter how good your system is, how ‘well-designed’ it is, there will be noise present in the signal path – Entreq simply gives this noise somewhere to go allowing your system to breath and truly open up.

Put simply, it makes for better music – which is what it’s all about.

Entreq Challenger Infinity 5 Pin Din Cable @ Audio Therapy

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