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Entreq Apollo Ground Cable & Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box Special Offer

On our pre-owned page we currently have listed for sale an ex-demo Entreq Apollo RCA Ground Cable and a pre-owned Entreq Apollo RJ45 Ground Cable, both of these cables were originally £540.00 each and we have them listed for £325.00 each including P&P.

The Apollo has always been the best performing and most popular ground cable from across the whole range. An existing Entreq owner can simply purchase a cable and connect it to their existing Ground Box, but a newcomer to the brand will require a ground box as well. Over the time we have been selling Entreq the Silver Minimus has comfortably been the most popular box in the range. It’s nice and compact and easy to site and is very effective.

By connecting a ground box/cable to your system you simply lower the noise floor of the signal path and as a result you increase dynamics, get improved tone, texture and flow – ultimately you make your system much more musical and natural. It’s unusual to plug a ground cable/cable into someone’s system and for them not to be impressed. Entreq is consistently the brand in my portfolio that keeps me the busiest!

Entreq Apollo RJ45 Ground Cable @ Audio Therapy

The RJ45 Ground Cable can be used in a variety of ways in a system. There is no definitive ‘best’ way to use a ground cable as it is very system dependent but connected to a router is the most popular solution, but connecting to a network switch or NAS drive is also very effective. Streaming is becoming very popular and in a half decent system this can be a brilliant upgrade. Melco and Innous both have 2 RJ45 sockets so providing one of them is unused this is a great way to improve performance.

The same applies with the RCA Ground Cable – this can be connected to any spare RCA socket in your system, on an integrated amp, dac, streamer etc.

Anyone who purchases either one of these two Ground Cables plus a new Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box (£600.00) can purchase them both together for £850.00 so there’s a decent saving to be made.

Please get in touch via email if this is of interest I can send you a link to purchase for that price. There is only one of each of these cables available. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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