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Vimberg Loudspeakers Coming Soon to Audio Therapy

After a bit of a whirlwind visit to Munich for the High End Show 2019 things are slowly going back to normal. As always it was a superb show, lots to see, lots of great equipment to listen, plus lots of meetings and catching up with old friends and making new ones.

Before the show I hinted in a blog post that there may be a substantial new addition to the range of products I represent – well I’m delighted and incredibly proud to announce them I am now a Vimberg dealer!

To those who don’t know Vimberg are a new brand, but are an offshoot from the lengendary High End German brand Tidal Audio. The concept behind Vimberg is quite simple, to produce a range of loudspeakers that offer a massive slice of the classic Tidal performance, but at a fraction of the Tidal cost.

Originally Tidal looked to outsource cabinet construction but they quickly realised this was a huge compromise and one they will not willing to suffer so every Vimberg product comes out of the Tidal GmbH factory in Hürth.

Using Accuton drivers with Dueland and Mundorf crossover components the attention to detail is faultless and this shows in the performance, they have been designed to convey the music in the most realistic way possible – think of them as an invisible audible messenger! The frequency response is absolutely linear and the resultant performance is an open and lifelike as you can get, with serious scale, weight and naturalness.

Vimberg Drawing @ Audio Therapy

Most people looking at speakers at this level want a brand with heritage and pedigree, Vimberg have exactly that with Tidal Audio as their parent company – they maybe an ‘entry level’ range of speakers in one sense, but they outperform other brands flagships models (and ones costing a lot more money) without even breaking a sweat!

Makes no mistake – Vimberg comes from serious High End Royalty with performance to match!

There are 3 models in the Vimberg range.

Amea – standmount – this was announced just before Munich, price TBC but we expect this be circa £14/15k for the ceramic tweeter version.

Mino – 3 way floorstander, £23k with a ceramic tweeter or £31k with a Diamond tweeter

Tonda – larger 3 way floorstander £28k with a ceramic tweeter or £36k with a Diamond tweeter

The Mino is 1280mm high, 534mm deep and 262mm wide and are 72 kg each, the Tonda is 1440mm x 650mm x 280mm and are 96 kg each.

We have the Mino coming on permanent demonstration soon!

‘Given their heritage and design DNA, the Vimberg speakers could just be shaping up as one of audio’s all-time biggest bargains’

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Roy Gregory @ The Audio Beat

Vimberg Mino Loudspeakers @ Audio Therapy

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