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Alluxity at Munich High End 2019

Alluxity is a High End Danish brand and has close links to Vitus Audio – the founder/owner of Alluxity is Alexander Vitus Mogensen, the son of Hans Ole Vitus, the owner/founder of Vitus Audio.

Alluxity manufacture a relatively small range of products with incredibly elegant design – the visuals are minimalist and modern, build quality is to die for and the performance is effortlessly musical and seductive. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s inexpensive Vitus – Alluxity has a character of its own and will happily interact and coexist with Vitus themselves and will happily sit alongside pretty much any other brand you could care to think of.

At Munich High End 2019 Alluxity were showing off their new Pre-amplifier, with all new streaming functionality, it can play music from Tidal/Qobuz or player or a NAS drive or UPnP server, using Mconnect as a control point. This was connected to a pair of Alluxity Mono Power Amps and a pair of Joseph Audio Loudspeakers. This new Pre-amp will not replace the existing model, but rather side above it in the range.

The music being played in the room was streamed from Tidal and a beautiful old Technics Reel to Reel machine feed into a Doshi Audio Tape Stage.

Munich is a big show and there are lots of brand showing off their wares, lots of great sounds, lots of very expensive systems and lots of rooms that sound – well not as good as perhaps they should given the level of equipment being demonstrated.

For the second year running Alexander has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the performance he managed to get from this system in this room. I passed comment to him on the Friday afternoon that the room was sounding so alive and dynamic you could have blindfolded someone and brought them into room, played some music and they would have thought they were listening to a live band. As we progressed through the weekend the performance from this room got better and better as well (the pre-amp was brand new prior to the show).

Alluxity at Munich High End 2019 @ Audio Therapy

During the course of the show lots of brands, journalists, dealers and worldwide distributors all get together for a catch up (and a beer or 2) and discuss the various things they have seen and heard through the day – just about everybody who spent some time in the Alluxity room all said pretty much the same thing – quite comfortably this room would make the top 5 sounds of the overall show.

Sure some rooms would go louder, or deeper, or have more history behind them to pull the crowds in, but if you value connecting to the music and being properly engaged by it the Alluxity room was truly magnificent.  It was also one of the more modestly priced rooms at Munich as well and it just goes to show you don’t need the biggest, more expensive products to make the best noise, less is quite often more!

Read more about Alluxity here and if you would like to find out more or organise a demonstration to see what Alluxity can do for you system please do not hesitate to get in touch. The range starts with the Int-One integrated amplifier which is £6900 and to my ears this will comfortably outperform and sound way more musical than 2 or 3 boxes from plenty of more well known brands in the UK.

Alluxity at Munich High End 2019 @ Audio Therapy

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