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Melco N1ZS/2 Customer Feedback!

I recently installed the wonderful flagship Melco N1ZS/2 Digital Music Library for a very good customer of mine, someone who is very familiar with Melco as a brand. He started off with the entry level N1A then after 12 months he upgraded to the Melco N1ZH/2, fast forward another 12 months and here we are with the top of the range SSD model!

The jump between an N1A and an N1ZH is pretty substantial and is something I have written about previously. Most people I have spoken to about the flagship N1ZS/2 initially think they won’t hear the difference as they step up to the big model, I don’t think I have done a demo of an N1ZS/2 that has not resulted in someone buying one. In a good system the difference is there to be heard in seconds! To my ears the  N!ZS/2 is easily the best storage based audio product in the world that exists today, I’ve not listened to anything which comes close!

This customer uses a Vitus RI-101 integrated amplifier, a dCS Debussy DAC and some B&W 800 series speakers. He also has an Entreq Silver Tellus, a Tellus II and 2 Silver Minimus, all signal and power cables are Entreq as well so it’s a pretty serious system and one which keeps getting better and better with every upgrade we make.  It’s effortlessly musical and is incredibly natural and easy to listen to with brilliant levels of resolution and transparency.

Melco N1ZS/2 @ Audio Therapy

The customer has had his new machine for around 10 days now and has very kindly sent me an email with a little bit of feedback on how he has been getting on with the new addition to his system…..

There was a very noticeable change when moving from the N1A to the N1ZH/1 a year ago and that was a very marked improvement.  The change to N1ZS/2 is simply more of the same.  The most obvious initial difference to me is a greater sense of breadth and depth in the sound-stage.  There is also a greater weight and presence particularly in the lowest octaves (most noticeably in some of the organ music I listen to).

Overall the presentation is just “more real” and sounds so much closer to a ‘live concert venue’.  I am so pleased that the rest of the system we have put together is allowing these differences to be easily heard and appreciated. We are enjoying our music more than ever, Saturday afternoon was very emotional!

Putting together systems that excel at playing music to the highest possible standard is what I do here at Audio Therapy.

I have a carefully chosen selection of world class electronics and accessories, combined with my passion and experience it simply means Audio Therapy can put together systems that can easily and frequently turn you into an emotional wreck when listening to music!

If you have been thinking of upgrading to a Melco or need help with your system in general please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help you find the best solution for your system!

Melco N1ZS/2 @ Audio Therapy

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