//All new Stillpoints Ultra 2 and more!

All new Stillpoints Ultra 2 and more!

Stillpoints are proving to rather popular here at Audio Therapy of late. Many customers are initially a little wary or sceptical, at least until they have heard them. Typically once a customer tries some Stillpoints under one part of their system it isn’t long before the whole system is floated. The benefit they bring is easy to hear in a good system.

The range of Stillpoints has been quite simple, although there has been a bit of a gap and the new Ultra 2 should fit in perfectly, I have a feeling this new model is going to be rather popular.

The existing range is as follows:

Ultra Mini – £115 each, available to buy in a 3 or 4 pack

Ultra SS – £220 each, available to buy singly, or in 3 pack or 4 pack

Ultra 5 £610 each

Ultra 6 £800 each plus £60 for the Ultra Base

The whole range is popular but the Ultra 6 has consistently been the best selling Stillpoint, followed by the Ultra SS.

As you can see the gap between the Ultra SS and Ultra 5 is quite large and although the Ultra 5 and 6 offer staggering performance people with more modest systems don’t want to spend £1830 or £2580 for 3 x Ultra 5 or 6.

With that in mind say hello to the all new Ultra 2!

Visually they quite similar to an Ultra SS, although they are a little taller, the Stillpoint technology pocket is exposed on the top of the Stillpoint (like the Ultra 6) and there is another pocket on the underside as well so it should be particularly effective at doing its job of mechanically lowering the noise floor.

Priced at £370 each including an Ultra Base it looks like this will offer incredible value for money, performance will be good step above an Ultra SS and depending on the equipment it may even get close to an Ultra 5.

We have an initial demo set of Ultra 2 on order and they should be here within the next couple of weeks, where they will rolled out to some customers systems for home demo’s. We’ll report back once we have put them properly through their paces. Available to pre-order now

The other news from Stillpoints is the new component stand. If you have a large heavy amplifier sitting on the floor between your speakers this is a brilliant solution and delivers a huge upgrade.  Vitus Audio were using one of these under their awesome new SIA-030 integrated amplifier at the Munich show.

Stillpoint Component Stand @ Audio Therapy

The component stand is super flexible and very easy to specifiy.

You start with the centre hub and then the number of arms you require (3 or 4 typically). You need an Ultra Base for each arm as well. From there it is simply a case of fitting the required Stillpoints to the arms (image above shows Ultra 6).  The Stillpoints can slide anywhere along the length of the arm to enable for the ultimate position and performance. It also helps as lots of products have screw heads exposed on the bottom of the chassis making it tricky to position Stillpoints in some cases.

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