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Entreq Ground Box Trade in Offer

The new range of Infinity Ground Boxes from Entreq have now been with us for just over 3 months and have proven to be very popular both with people coming into Entreq for the very first time or existing Entreq customers who are either adding an additional Ground Box to their system or part exchanging their old box for one of the new ones.

There are 3 new ground boxes in the range

Minimus Infinity £379

Silver Minimus Infinity £599

Silver Tellus Infinity £2099

Entreq Silver Tellus Infinity Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

We’ve posted before on these boxes and the benefits they offer in a system. Customer feedback so far has been nothing but positive. Customers upgrading from the original Minimus/Silver Minimus to the latest versions have all been delighted with the improvements the new boxes are bringing to their systems, bigger, more 3 dimensional sound-staging, increased levels of detail and texture, improved flow and timing are all common themes getting fed back to me on a reasonably regular basis. So far the Silver Minimus Infinity has been the most popular of the 3 new boxes.

Noise is the enemy in any system and if you can remove it, you simply get closer to the music which is what it’s all about when all is said and done.

Anyone with an existing ground box who would like to upgrade it to one of the new Infinity versions please get in touch, there are lots of trade in options depending on what ground box you currently have and what you would like to upgrade to. There are too many trade in examples to list but here’s a few of the most common ones (please get in touch if your preferred trade in option is not listed)

Minimus to Minimus Infinity £200 to change

Silver Minimus to Silver Minimus Infinity £320 to change

Silver Tellus to Silver Tellus Infinity £1100 to change

If you wanted to upgrade from your current ground box to the Olympus line, such as the Olympus Ten, Olympus Minimus, Poseidon and Olympus Infinity please get in touch and I can work out pricing to change as well. It’s a bigger jump in cost terms, but the performance jump is also fairly significant!

Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

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