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Vitus SIA-030 Super Integrated Amp coming soon!

It’s been just over 2 months since the Munich High End Show where we first saw and the heard the new Vitus Audio Super Integrated Class A Amplifier, the SIA-030.

After spending as much time listening to it as I could get away with I knew I had to put one on permanent demonstration, it was just too good not to do it! The level of performance, scale, resolution, lack of noise and just the way it conveys the music was so impressive it pretty much makes pre-power combinations rather pointless in a way!

The amplifier itself is £31,000, rest assured in typical Vitus fashion it will sit confidently among much more expensive company!

Add the DAC/Streamer module, give it a network connection and run Roon and you literally just need a pair of speakers for a truly world class one box system. The DAC module also offers USB-B so anyone with a Melco can connect directly to the SIA-030. The DAC module should be around £4500 we expect performance to be there or thereabout on par with the standalone RD-101 DAC.

The standard amplifier offers 3 x XLR inputs and 2 x RCA inputs. There is also a phono stage module available as well.

I had confirmation from Denmark yesterday that my demo amplifier is ready and is shipping today! (Friday 12th of July), so it won’t be long before it arrives with me! The amplifier in the middle is mine in the nice bespoke titanium finish.

We already have 3 demonstrations booked in to hear this new 63kg behemoth, some exciting times ahead for sure! There are going to be some genuinely shocked customers when they realise just what this amplifier is capable of doing!

Needless to say a comprehensive blog post on the SIA-030 will be coming soon enough.

If you have been thinking about making the ultimate upgrade you system please get in touch and organise a demonstration!

Coupled with Vimberg Audio, Avalon Acoustics and Serhan & Swift we have some seriously world class loudspeakers to partner up with the Vitus to get the best out of it.

Vitus SIA-030 Integrated Amplifier @ Audio Therapy

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