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All new Roon Nucleus Servers Now Available

Roon Labs have just launched the new versions of the brilliant Nucleus Servers.

The Nucleus and Nucleus+ are designed to run the Core operating system of Roon and they do a brilliant job of doing so.

You simply plug them, in turn them on, spend 10 minutes configuring them and then you leave them alone to manage your music library and streaming subscriptions. Download the Roon control app on your smartphone, tablet or computer and send all of your music around your home to a variety of different devices, Sonos, Google, Naim, Devialet, dCS, T+A and Vitus to name just a few.

The 2 product links below have a lot more information and specification on the 2 new models.

The new versions have had a nice facelift over the outgoing models. They are now finished in black, as opposed to a dark gun metal grey, and have a larger overall footprint, but they are not as tall. Fairly inconspicous and understated. As with the old models there are no fans, so they run completely silent which is good, the case acts as a heatsink to dissipate the heat, but they barely run warm to be fair.

The Nucleus runs on an Intel i3 Processor and the Nucleus+ runs on an Intel i7. There are 2 USB sockets on the rear panel, 1 could be used for a hard drive, the other for a USB DAC. There are now 2 HDMI outputs as well, both of which can output audio if required.

The internal layout of the new model has been changed to allow for internal SSD or HDD drives up to 15mm deep (the old Nucleus servers could only house 9mm drives) so you can fit a much larger capacity drive if you have a large music library you want to store on the Nucelus.

Also the packaging has been updated to be more eco-friendly.

These new models are being built at a brand new production facility in California so production has shifted from China as well and the really good news is the pricing hasn’t changed either.

Both models are available now

Roon Nucleus @ Audio Therapy

Roon Nucleus @ Audio Therapy

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