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Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity Ground Box Coming Soon!

Entreq have just announced a new ground box!

The Tellus 2 Infinity is due for launch over the next 2 to 3 weeks, we have our demo unit on order, I have not seen any images of this new box just yet, but it’s safe to say it probably will not look vastly different from the outgoing Tellus 2.

This new version offers the same configuration as the old Tellus 2, in that it has 3 independent ground posts , so it keeps that incredible flexibility for grounding different things and keeping them all separate from one another to maximise performance, best to think of it as a mini Poseidon. With this new Tellus 2 Infinity Entreq have really pulled out of the stops to make this something very special for the money.

The 2 outside posts are now Silver Minimus Infninty and the centre post has been upgraded to a single Olympus Ten, which in itself is a big upgrade over the outside posts. This Silver Minimus Infinity are £600 each and a single Olympus Ten is £1100, but by putting everything in one box Entreq have managed to price this at £1800!

So what can you do with the Tellus 2 Infinity? An awful lot, but it very much depends on your system and no 2 are quite the same. You could connect your integrated amplifier on one post, your streamer on another and your phono stage on the 3rd post.

The original Tellus 2 was very popular and a few examples of configurations I can remember were:

Melco, DAC, Entreq USB Cable

Melco, DAC, Router (significant if you stream Tidal, Qobuz, even Spotify)

Router, Switch, Roon Nucleus

Negative Speaker Outputs of Integrated Amp on outside posts, Phono Stage on centre post

Negative Speaker Outputs of Power Amp, Pre-amp on centre post

Home Cinema Amplifier, UHD player, Sky Q Box

Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

As you can see there are so many options and if you have Entreq interconnects or speaker cables in your system you have options to ground these on the Tellus 2 Infinity as well

The Olympus Ten could even be used to connect up to couple of different devices in theory, it has the capacity to do so, but it does depend on the what you want to connect, phono-stages like to be on their own generally, as do routers/networks and keeping analogue/digital cables separate is also important.

Once the Tellus 2 Infinity arrives I will get it photographed and swap out the stock images of the original Tellus  2, I don’t realy need to put it through it’s paces as I already have Silver Minimus Infinity and Olympus Ten on demonstration, but given the price point of this I suspect this new box will be rather popular!

We have a great selection of used/ex-demo ground cables on our pre-owned page at the moment as well.

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