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New Vimberg Finish

Up until now the brilliant range of Vimberg speakers have only been available in 2 finishes, Jet Black and Summit White, the quality of these finishes is really second to none and everyone who has seen my demo Mino’s in the flesh has been rather impressed by the way the look (never mind the way they sound!).

Well, there may be a new finish coming, details are yet to be confirmed and this may not be a standard finish, but possibly a cost option, but a photograph of a pair of Tonda’s appeared on Vimberg’s Instagram feed a couple of days ago and they look rather special. I am not entirely what that finish is just yet, but it looks like a Macassar style veneer just done in a quality of finish that most people will simply have never experienced before.

I’ve a demo of some Tonda D’s in a few weeks time, so you never know we may end up installing a pair in this new finish at some point in the relatively near future!

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