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Melco N100 & D100 Black is the new Black

In Munich this year Melco announced their dark secret which was basically their compact models (D100, E100, N100 & N10)  becoming available in black, having been launched only in silver initially. The new black finish looks great and it went down really well. We’ve had a black D100 on demo for a little while now, but we finally have matched it up with a black N100 after moving our silver one on, and I have to say that partnered together they look really smart.

Featuring a 2TB hard drive the N100 has plenty of storage capacity for most users, after I restored a back up to my demo N100 it is sitting at 76% used and that is around 2900 albums.

As with all the Melco models the N100 can be used with either a USB DAC or a Network UPnP Network Player like a Linn, Naim or Lumin for example. Although the N100 is fairly small in size it still has 2 network ports (LAN & Player) and 2 USB sockets (1 for a DAC the other for a D100 for example). There is also a USB socket on the front of the N100 so it offers plenty of flexibility.

Melco N100 Rear @ Audio Therapy

When connected to a USB DAC and controlled either via Melco’s own iPad app a third party app like Linn Kazoo, Lumin, Bubble or Hi-Fi Cast you can stream Tidal and Qobuz as well if you are a subscriber.

With the Melco Intelligent Music Library software update due imminently as well this will add even more great functionality – Roon Endpoint, Internet Radio as well as Minimserver and SongKong.

This puts the N100 in an incredibly strong position as what is already the best sounding server solution is adding even more flexibility and features!

Don’t think just because it’s small the N100 is compromised from a performance point of view either, it still offers the refinement and musicality that Melco are revered for, it shows a mk1 N1A a clean set of heels without breaking into a sweat.

For those customers who have large CD collections the D100 is a perfect partner piece for the N100, just about everyone says that the D100 can’t make any difference to ripping CD’s compared to other drives or computers and that is just 0’s and 1’s, but the fact everyone with a Melco who has borrowed a D100 has ended up buying one, even some initially very sceptical customers as well!

If you want more info on the N100, D100 or simply Melco in general please get in touch, as an authorised Melco Master Dealer we have all aspects of digital covered from ripping, streaming, networking, storage, correct meta-data tagging and system optimisation.

No jargon, just great music and friendly guidance!

Melco and Vitus @ Audio Therapy

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