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Customer system with Vitus, B&W, Stillpoints and Entreq

I visited a good customer of mine last week to see how he was getting on with his new Ultra 2 Stillpoints and to install a new Entreq Ground Cable and thought it was a good opportunity to grab a photo for my website and social media as I know customers like to see what I get up to!

This is a truly exceptional system, the electronics are a Vitus SIA-025 Class A Integrated Amplifier and the CD player is the matching Vitus SCD-025. Sited on an Entreq Athena equipment support with 2 Poseidon Ground Boxes and an Olympus Infinity Ground Box as well. All cable is naturally Entreq (Apollo Infinity XLR Interconnects & Speaker Cables with Atlantis and Olympus Ground Cables). What you can’t see is a Silver Tellus and Atlantis Tellus which are used remove the noise that is present on the dedicated ringmain that powers this system. All wall sockets are the top of the range Furutech NCF’s.

The speakers are a pair of Bowers & Wilkins 802 Diamond, these sound great and had a monumental injection of performance when they were Stillpointed with Ultra 5, but they are by far the oldest component in this system and the weakest link to be fair, but all being well this customer will be adding a pair of Vimberg Mino to his system later this year.

This customer started his journey with Audio Therapy with a Vitus RI-100 and RCD-101, after an unexpected demonstration of the SCD the customer simply had to upgrade to the Signature model and of course it was only a matter of time before the revered SIA-025 would make an entrance. Together they make a truly formidable partnership, performance, build quality and attention to detail are genuinely world-class.

The benefits of Entreq Grounding in a system as transparent as this were obvious to hear and appreciate and the customer quickly upgraded his original Silver Tellus to a Poseidon and it simply grew from there. If you value performance that is musical, endlessly detailed but completely and calm and natural Entreq is tough to beat and live without. Stillpoints were added under the electronics in the form of the Ultra 2 and Ultra SS.

In performance terms this system really is effortlessly musical with a huge soundstage, the whole presentation is really enveloping and a pleasure to listen to and my customer loves nothing more to escape to this room whenever the mood takes him. There are huge levels level of richness and refinement, that said a pair of Mino’s in due course will really take things up a notch or three and offer clarity and finesse the customer will never have experienced before in his room when we come to do the demonstration.

To top it off the room itself looks fantastic (I love the wallpaper!) and it has a really nice feel to it when you walk in the room. A truly lovely place to escape the stresses of everyday life and get some Audio Therapy!!

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