//Roon Nucleus Feedback

Roon Nucleus Feedback

I supplied a Roon Nucleus Core Server to an existing customer of mine last week who had previously been using an Apple Macbook to run his Roon Core.

Due to the rich metadata Roon pulls in to provide you with that brilliant interface it is rather processor intensive and having a dedicated server for the job is important if you want to maximise performance. Using a computer will work but of course all computers are doing a multitude of tasks in the background, almost constantly, and this eats resources and does affect performance.

The Nucleus is not the cheapest way to run Roon Core I will be the first to admit that, but it’s a great turnkey solution, plug it in, turn it on and leave it alone to do it thing and it really does sound fantastic compared to using a computer. It even updates itself when required. My demo Nucleus+ has not been touched in anyway for about 5 months, it just does its thing.

Safe to say I think my customer is quite pleased with his new Nucleus!! You can’t beat a great bit of customer feedback:)

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