//Small but perfectly formed! The Brigadier Mu2!!

Small but perfectly formed! The Brigadier Mu2!!

We’ve had the brilliant Brigadier Mu2 from Serhan & Swift on demonstration for just over a year now and felt this brilliant little speaker deserves some time ‘front & centre’ in the main demo system. To give the image above a sense of scale the Vimberg Mino is approximately 1.3m tall and the Mu2 is just 32cm tall!

They are an astoundingly good little speaker and paint a sonic picture that really does belie their compact size and footprint. If you are looking for a high performing speaker to use in a smaller space or you simply don’t want anything that takes over your room these are a must listen loudspeaker!

The presentation is toe-tapping, effortless and wonderfully musical and transparent with bass response and extension that really does belie their very modest size (32cm tall, 18cm wide and 23.6cm deep), they are pretty substantial at 10kg each, the 25mm birch ply cabinets playing a big part in this, used for its incredibly effective layer dampening properties, this helps to stop unwanted vibrations, lower unwanted cabinet noise to simply let the speaker breath accurately and naturally. What you hear is the speaker itself, not the cabinet singing along in sympathy!

Bass response is excellent given their small size, my room is 4.5m x 3.5m with a high ceiling and the speakers are in relative free space and there is plenty of bass extension and weight, I’ve never thought to myself that these could do with a bit more bass depth.

Brigadier Mu2 @ Audio Therapy

The drive units are from Scanspeak and both highly regarded units, the mid/bass driver is the Scanspeak Revelator and the tweeter is the Scanspeak Ring Radiator, the gasket on the mid/bass unit has been modified to allow for additional damping, which lower the cabinet radiation by 6dB (which is a lot!).

The end result is simply a fantastic speaker – if you value pace, timing musicality and enjoying tapping your foot and getting goosebumps when you listen to music these are a must listen speaker, they are grin-inducing of the highest order!

Priced at £4995 a pair these will happily sit alongside the more established British speakers who have models at around this price point and beyond.

Partnered with the wonderful Solidsteel SS-6 speaker stands they make for a brilliant partnership, the best stands I have used with these speakers.

On permanent demonstration now – part exchange is welcome as well so if you have an older speaker to move on we can help make the numbers work.

Please get in touch for more info or to organise a demonstration

Brigadier Mu2 @ Audio Therapy

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