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Entreq Infinity Bayonet Upgrades

Entreq have just announced some improvements to several of their Infinity Ground Cables, these changes apply to all Apollo, Atlantis and Olympus Ground Cables. Essentially the terminated end of these ground cables now come supplied with detachable bayonets for ease and use and flexibility.

If you order a new Apollo Infinity RCA cable for example, it now comes supplied with a removable RCA bayonet.

Entreq Apollo Infinity Ground Cables @ Audio Therapy

As and when customers change equipment or move up the range of ground cables it is quite commonplace to require a different type of termination (XLR, USB, RJ45, Spade etc) to keep using the cable and in the past this has always meant shipping the cable to back to Sweden to get it re-terminated and being without it for 2 to 3 weeks. Now, you can simply order up a new bayonet as required and you are good to go and if circumstances change again you can swap the bayonets around or order another type.

Entreq have gone through the mill in the design and engineering process with these bayonets to ensure there is no loss of performance with introducing them. It will certainly make life easier for people, I have sent away over 30 cables this year alone that required re-termination. Moving forward anyone with these new cables will simply be able to order extra bayonets as and when the need arises to change it

Any one who would like to have their cables upgraded from the older version to Infinity with fixed plugs can still do that (Apollo RCA to Apollo Infinity RCA is £170 for example), bayonet upgrades on older cables is a cost option and is an extra £75.00

Everyone has has made the jump to Infinity has been surprised at how much an improvement it made.

If you have questions about this change or getting your cables upgraded to Infinity, please get in touch.

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