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More great customer feedback on Melco & Entreq!

A couple of months ago I installed an Entreq Tellus 2 Infinity Ground Box for one of my customers, along with a new Challenger Infinity XLR Interconnect. He part exchanged his 3 older Silver Minimus Ground Boxes against the new Tellus 2 Infinity as well as  trading in his Entreq Discover XLR as well.

The Tellus 2 Infinity has 3 posts, 2 of which are Silver Minimus Infinity  – these 2 posts were connected to his integrated amplifier and DAC. The 3rd post on the Tellus 2 Infinity is an Olympus Ten and is a good bit better than the outside posts in performance terms, this post was used for his new Challenger Infinity XLR cable (connected between his DAC and Amplifier).

The customer and I have been chatting for a while about him adding a Melco into his system, I demonstrated one to him some time ago (pre-lockdown) and around 4 weeks after the Entreq was installed the customer had decided it was Melco time! Cue an install for an N1ZH/EX and a D100 CD drive to rip his vast CD library.

I showed the customer the ropes with the Melco, how to rip discs, what are the settings do and how to fly SongKong so he could correct any errors or inconsistencies he finds in his library along the way.

Got a lovely email from him last night which you can see below…..I think he may be happy with the new additions to his system!

Entreq Tellus II Infinity Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

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