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Tellurium Q Analogue Interconnects & Speaker Cables

Our range of demonstration Tellurium Q interconnect cables and speaker cables has recently been expanded to give our customers even more choice and flexibility for the finding the right cables for their systems. We been doing Tellurium Q for some time now and they produce some excellent cables. Sonically and price wise there is something for everyone and it dovetails really nicely with the Entreq range of cables which we do as well, but I have filled in some of the gaps in the range so we can easily demonstrate what happens to the presentation of a system when you move between the different cables. There is certainly something that should fit in with most systems and most peoples tastes and budgets.

With Tellurium Q we now keep the following analogue cables on permanent demonstration

Black RCA (£285)

Ultra Black II RCA (£430) & XLR (£558)

Ultra Silver XLR (£960)

Black Diamond Diamond XLR (£1150)

Silver Diamond XLR (£2292)

There’s not much between Ultra Silver and Black Diamond looking at their price points, but they are quite different and both certainly have their place. As you can see from the prices above there is a big jump from Black Diamond to Silver Diamond, but thankfully there is very tangible and obvious step up in performance to go with it. If budget permits the Silver Diamond is truly outstanding and it’s one of those cables that is very difficult to live without once you spend some time with one.

Tellurium Q Interconnect Cables @ Audio Therapy

In terms of Tellurium Speaker Cables we keep the following cables on permanent demonstration – termination is included in the pricing below

Black II £54 per metre

Silver II £98.00 per metre

Ultra Black II £310 per metre

Black Diamond £630 per metre

Silver Diamond £924 per metre

As with the interconnects, all of the speaker cables are excellent in the right system and as you step up through the range there are big gains to be had when you move through the range. If you have a system deserving of it Black Diamond and Silver Diamond are both exceptional cables.

If you would like to organise a demonstration of something please get in touch

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