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Entreq Olympus Infinity Ground Cables on demonstration

For a long time the flagship Ground Cable from Entreq has been the Atlantis, it’s a great cable and has been very popular and has served as a great upgrade from people wanting to jump up from Challenger and Apollo. From a voicing perspective the Atlantis is a warm, more rounded sounding cable than an Apollo for example, which is more detailed and insightful in comparion. It all hinges on the system in question of course and what someone is wanting to achieve. Per-Olof is never one to rest on his laurels and earlier this year the Olympus range of ground cables was launched sitting above the Atlantis as Entreq’s new top of the range cable.

Entreq Olympus Ground Cable @ Audio Therapy

Designed primarily as an alternative sounding cable to to the Atlantis, voiced more like an Apollo but with all of the tone and texture you get with the Atlantis, a sort of hybrid best of both cables if you like. It drops the noise floor substantially lower than both Apollo and Atlantis and offers some serious grin inducing listening with music you know really well.

Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

Connected to an Olympus Ten or an Olympus Infinity the Olympus Ground Cable is a tremendous upgrade. I have 2 Olympus Ground Cables on demonstration with 4 different bayonet ends so I can make it work on plenty of different equipment and every time the benefit it brings to the system has been truly superb.

As always with Entreq the remit is to drop the noise floor…….lower noise equals more detail, more subtlety, improved tone with more texture and nuances in the music. Over the past few months I have been very busy with Entreq (at all levels of their huge range) and it is going down really well, but the new Olympus cables have really raised the bar to a whole new level in my opinion.

They warranty a serious ground box for them to do their thing, the Olympus Ten, Poseidon or Olympus Infinity are the obvious partners to go with these new cables.

Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

Priced at £1550 the Olympus Ground Cable is available with either RCA, XLR (male or female), USB, RJ45, Spade to Hook, 3,5mm or 5 Pin Din bayonet. This new style bayonet is easily removable so should you change equipment you can simply buy another bayonet of the right type and away you go……

On demonstration now and as always part-exchange is welcome.

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