//Coming soon to Audio Therapy – Acustica Applicata

Coming soon to Audio Therapy – Acustica Applicata

There will always come a point when upgrading your system with bigger and better amplifiers and loudspeakers that the room itself will become the ‘weak link’ in the chain. Too much unwanted energy in a room can be a bad thing and can mask much of the finer detail and subtlety that a system is trying to deliver. The extra energy effectively needs somewhere to go otherwise it can just roll around a room causing all manner of issues.

I’m delighted to announce that after some extensive listening in my room and in a couple of customers rooms I am introducing the Italian brand ‘Acustica Applicata’ to the growing portfolio of products here at Audio Therapy.

Founded in 1992 Acustica Applicata have a brilliant reputation within the the industry, they make an extensive range of products that concentrate on addressing room problems with the ‘low’ and ‘medium’ frequencies.

When employed correctly in a room the DaaD modules and devices such as the Volcano and the Polifemo (Helmholtz Resonators) can offer an incredible uplift in performance to any system by letting you hear with music with a more precise and accurate soundstage with life-like holographics. If you want to make your room effectively disappear so you can hear you system properly Acustica Applicata have the technology and products to make it work. With many larger systems the ‘next upgrade’ can often be very costly, but correcting the inherent issues which plague most room will often yield large improvements at potentially much less cost.

Please get in touch for more information, demonstration stock is due soon and I will much more detailed information added to the website in due course.

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