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Special Offers on Pre-owned Entreq XLR & RCA Interconnects!

Over the past 12 months or so I’ve had a good number of Entreq customers upgrade their interconnects further up the Entreq range. Sweden’s finest produce an extensive range of interconnects cables and they offer incredible performance. Entreq are all about lowering the noise floor and being natural and organic. They often get dismissed in favour of other more well known brands without even being heard, simply put because they brand X or Y is more well known.

If you are looking for a cable with major excitement, fireworks and forward leading edges then Entreq possibly isn’t for you, but if you put value on your systems ability to naturally recreate the musical presentation with accuracy, focus and poise with superb texture and coherency, you’ll find Entreq to be a truly addictive experience.

In order to drop the noise floor and do their thing Entreq interconnect cables require connecting to one of their ground boxes with a pair of 3.5mm ground cables. This connection effectively creates a drain where noise and pollutants present in the signal path are dumped into the box. It often gets looked at with a raised eye brow, but it is very effective and I’ve plenty of customers with serious systems proclaiming that adding Entreq has been one of the most significant upgrades they have ever made.

Each interconnect has a short breakout wire with a 3.5mm socket on it as you can see below, connect a 3.5mm ground cable into this socket connecting the other end of the ground cable to a ground box and you are good to go! Once connected up the benefit isn’t immediate, it takes a little time for the noise to be drained to the box. In a transparent system most people will hear a change after just a few songs, but it can take a good day before it reaches optimum performance.

Entreq Challenger XLR Interconnect @ Audio Therapy

Pre-owned RCA Interconnects

Discover 2010 RRP £900, now available for £349

Konstantin 2010 RRP £1500, now available for £625

Pre-owned XLR Interconnects

Discover SII RRP £1100, now available for £475

Konstantin 2010, supplied with a pair of Discover Infinity 3.5mm Ground Cables and a Minimus Infinity Ground Box, RRP £2400, now available for £1195

Konstantin 2012 RRP £1700, now available for £750

Challenger RRP £2300, now available for £825

Challenger SII with a pair Challenger Infinity 3,5mm Ground Cables and a Minimus Infinity Ground Box, RRP £3620, now available for £1599.00

3.5mm Ground Cables and Ground Boxes

As you can see in the above list I have created 2 complete packages with a Konstantin and Challenger but it’s easy enough to put a package together with any of the other cables if one jumps out or amend an existing one. I have a selection of used and ex-demo 3.5mm ground cables (Silver 3.5mm, Discover Infinity 3.5mm, Challenger Infinity 3.5mm, Apollo Infinity 3.5mm) which are not advertised for sale, but can be combined with any of the interconnects listed above to build an alternative package. New Copper Infinity ground cables are £100 each and are available as well.

I also keep the entry level ground box, the Minimus Infinity (£380) and Silver Minimus Infinity (£600) in stock as well.

Don’t underestimate the power of the ground cable and ground box and how effective they can be. In most cases upgrading the ground cables can be as effective as changing the actual interconnect and the same applies for the ground box as well.

The SII interconnects listed above are from the most recent generation of Entreq cables, prior to the release of the current Infinity range of cables.

The Discover cables were the first cable in the Entreq above the entry level Primer Pro cables. It is natural, musical and engaging and is great entry point into the world of Entreq, step up to Konstantin you still have the same tone and engagement as the Discover, but you get more resolution and weight essentially.

The Challenger is the next step up in the range and as always been the most popular Entreq interconnect in terms of numbers sold. They never fail to impress, they still possess that wonderful Entreq trait of being natural and engaging, but the jump up between a Challenger and Konstantin is all about texture and weight. In a good system the Challenger is a proper world class interconnect and can be as significant as a component upgrade in many systems. I’ve sold a handful of used Challengers recently which are being used on Vitus, Gold Note, Devialet and Accuphase and the customers were all hugely impressed by the benefits they brought to the system.

If you have any questions about the cables or you would like a price on a specific combination of bits please get in touch

Entreq Challenger SII XLR Interconnect @ Audio Therapy

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