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The Amea from Vimberg is the first speaker in their line up with the larger Mino and Tonda floorstanders completing the range. Due to the events of the past 12 months they were released almost under cover of darkness at the start of 2020 after their initial preview in Munich 2019. That hasn’t stopped them going down very well of course, they share the same traits as the wonderful Mino and Tonda, but they simply come in a smaller package.

Many people often look down at or dismiss a stand-mount speaker due to its more compact size and apparent lack of weight and scale, but please don’t make that mistake with the Amea, if you close your eyes the concept of a stand-mount speaker simply disappears. They obviously don’t extend as low as a Mino (or Tonda), but going up against other floor standing loudspeakers the Amea has no issue, even in large rooms.

The presentation of the Amea is typical Vimberg, it is incredibly precise, clean and linear, with no emphasis on any particular aspect of the sound, they don’t force the treble out or give you warm, coloured mid-range or lumpy bass, they simply show you what the rest of your system is delivering to the loudspeakers.

If you are looking for a world class speaker but you can’t accommodate the Mino or Tonda from a physical point of view the Amea should definitely be on your shortlist.

The standard Amea comes with a 30mm ceramic tweeter, a 173mm mid-range drive unit and on the rear of the cabinet a 220mm passive bass radiator. Weighing in at around 20kg each the Amea are heavy and beautifully put together but thankfully they are easily manageable to move around!

There are a few options with the Amea with regard to the finish. They are available in piano lacquer black or white for £13600 (with the ceramic tweeter) and  the  the quality of this finish is absolute first rate, easily the best gloss/lacquer I’ve ever come across (apart from a Tidal!), it really does put every other gloss finish to shame, as you can see from the Mino image below.

Vimberg Mino @ Audio Therapy

The Amea are also available in a finish called ‘velvetec’ as well. In this form velvetec is unique to Vimberg/Tidal, as it requires a specific machine to produce it in this way and it just shows you the uncompromising efforts Jorn Janczak and his team go to. Velvetec is essentially a matte finish, which is textured with tiny ceramic particles embedded in the finish. It looks fantastic and is incredibly durable and no fingerprints either! It’s a less labour intensive than the gloss finishes which is reflected in a slightly lower price.

With the ceramic tweeter and a standard velvetec finish (Black or White) the Amea are priced at £11400 a pair.

It is also possible as a cost option to get them in a number of different unique finishes, such as grey, blue, green and orange. Another optional extra is the housing around the tweeter and mid-range drive unit can be specified in either copper or brass instead of black or silver.

I have a pair of Amea coming to me soon for permanent demonstration, my pair are coming in black velvetec with a brass housing around the front drive units as you can see in the image below. It looks absolutely superb and the brass is something a bit different and really sets the speaker off in my opinion.

Vimberg Amea Brass @ Audio Therapy

In terms of stands there are plenty of options, I have both Solidsteel SS5 and SS6 here on demonstration and Vimberg themselves have a speaker stand coming so there are plenty of options depending on budget and what you like visually.

As with the Mino and the Tonda the Amea are made without compromise in terms of both engineering and aesthetics and it all translates into another world class loudspeaker! I can’t wait to get my demonstration pair unboxed and playing in front of some customers.

Home demonstrations are welcome and part exchange is no problem either

Amea with standard ceramic tweeter in Piano Black or White £13,600

Amea with standard ceramic tweeter in Velvetec Black or White £11,400

Velvetec in grey, orange, blue or green adds £500 and the copper or brass housing around the front facing drive units adds £300.00

The optional Diamond Tweeter adds £7000 to either model and take performance up a further notch.

Coupled with the Mu2 SE from Serhan and Swift and the Avalon Idea it is giving plenty of superb but different options for where our range of loudspeakers start.

Any questions please get in touch

Vimberg Amea Velvetec Green @ Audio Therapy

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