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Boenicke Audio Loudspeakers at Audio Therapy!

I’m pleased to announce that Audio Therapy is now an authorised dealer for Boenicke Audio loudspeakers! Founded in Basel, Switzerland by Sven Boenicke in 1999 they are a very different loudspeaker both in terms of design, physical appearance and how they work in a room.

There a 4 models in the range called the W5, W8, W11 and W13 and there are 3 versions of each speaker as well, the standard, the SE and the SE+ (the W13 has no standard option).

Boenicke Audio W5 @ Audio Therapy

They are all compact room friendly speakers (especially the W5 and W8) and they offer something very different, but they dovetail in with our other speaker brands (Vimberg, Avalon and Serhan & Swift) as they share so many common traits – they sound natural, musical and are effortlessly refined and they will never pin you to your listening seat with fatigue, aggression or artificial detail and they focus on the product not their bottom line!

That’s it for now, but there will be an extensive blog post coming once demo stock has arrived so watch this space!

There is more info on my Boenicke Audio page which went live yesterday

Boenicke Audio W11 @ Audio Therapy

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