//Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers

Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers

Yesterday was the first unveiling of my demonstration pair of Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers. A perfect storm of a global pandemic, flooding in Germany and slow movement of the supply chain has meant they’ve taken a little while to arrive, but they were more than worth the wait!

I specified my demonstration pair with a custom brass bezel and badge and they look absolutely stunning. I’ve a customer who was keen to try to the Amea so they were delivered straight to him and I arrived to set them up in his for him.

The dedicated Vimberg stands are on order, but are not ready just yet, so we were using a pair of the brilliant Solidsteel SS-5 stands, standing shorter than the SS-6 and featuring a larger top plate the SS-5 are a great solution.

Within just a handful of tracks being played the customer was making comments along the lines of ‘these are the best speakers I’ve ever had in this room by a mile’.

They simply disappeared from sonic view, the presentation of the Amea is totally linear, no thick or heavy bass response or extended high frequency is thrust at you here, they are incredibly neutral, open and paint a huge image, much larger than you’d expect from a ‘stand-mount’ loudspeaker, the 220mm passive radiator on the rear of the cabinet the Amea have the weight and scale of a much larger speaker coupled with incredible speed and agility.  For those who may not have the budget or space for a Mino or Tonda but crave the world class performance that Vimberg are renowned for delivering, the Amea are devastatingly good and pack a serious punch!

Vimberg have done it again!

Please get in touch if you would like more information on the Amea or to arrange a demonstration.

The Amea are priced at £11,400 a pair in black or white Velvetec. In a gloss lacquer finish (again black or white) they are £13,600 a pair. It costs £300 to add the brass surround and badge. Pricing on the stands to be confirmed, the Solidsteel SS-5 are £530 a pair.

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