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All New Entry Level Entreq Grounding Bundles!

In a recent blog post I outlined the changes that Entreq have recently made to their range of ground cables, with the introduction of the 2 new ground cables, the Argo and Triton with 6 of the existing ground cables – Copper, Discover, Konstantin, Challenger, Silver and Atlantis becoming legacy models.

I also highlighted that Entreq have introduced a Silver Argo Grounding Kit which is comprised of a Silver Minimus Infinity Ground Box and an Argo Infinity Ground Cable for £800, purchased separately these 2 items would be cost £940.00 so there is a nice saving to be had. It’s a great offer and a brilliant opportunity to experience Entreq grounding either a newcomer to the brand or as an existing Entreq user adding more grounding to your system. The Silver Minimus Infinity is a great box and it always goes down very well and the new Argo is excellent as well.

In a recent blog post I did allude to further upcoming posts on other new Entreq products……..

Well, say hello to the brand new Entreq Micro and Entreq Macro Grounding Kits!

Both of these new kits have been designed to give people a serious slice of what Entreq grounding is about but at all new price points for them and they really do represent excellent for value.

The Micro Bundle is £220 and the Macro Bundle is £400

Entreq Macro Grounding Package @ Audio Therapy

As with the Silver Argo Kit both bundles include a Ground Box and a Ground Cable so you have everything you require in one simple package. You can obviously choose what termination you require for the ground cable (RCA, XLR, USB, RJ45, Spade) – the ground cables included here are available exclusively with the Micro and Macro bundles, they are not available to purchase separately, the same with the 2 ground boxes.

Entreq Micro Grounding Package @ Audio Therapy

It is the same ground cable supplied with both the Micro and Macro bundle and one which comfortably outperforms the outgoing Copper Infinity.

The Micro Ground Box looks aesthetically like a Primer Box, but Entreq have completely changed the internals of this box so it is more suited for connecting to a component as opposed to using on an interconnect cable as they do on the Primer Pro range.

The Macro Ground Box looks like a Diskon Box (which came included with several Interconnects like Konstantin Infinity and Discover Infinity), but as above Entreq have changed the internals of this box for this kit as well to further enhance performance.

I have stock of both bundles available to now with RCA terminations, other termination options will be along soon! Silver Argo kits will be available very soon as well.

In performance terms these 2 new smaller kits work just Entreq always does, I’ve connected both Micro and Macro kits to a variety of different items over the past week, as well as the Silver Argo Kit, connected items have included a Melco N100, Gold Note PH-10 Phono Stage and a Gold Note DS-10 DAC.

Starting with a Micro Bundle on a Gold Note DS-10 it didn’t take very long for it to do its thing once it has been connected up for a short while. It makes the presentation calmer and quieter with a greater level of refinement, the music simply became more enjoyable, there’s more information in the music, but the presentation is more natural and organic.

Switching the Micro over with the larger Macro box it effectively does the same thing, but the Macro box has greater capacity being a larger box and as such it is capable of removing more noise and simply being more effective and efficient at performing its job. The Micro is excellent, but if budget permits the Macro is better.

Stepping up to the Silver Argo Grounding Kit offers the biggest jump in performance, it simply gives you more of everything, more noise removal, more engagement and detail, but without anything being thrust upon you in an artificial way.

Entreq Silver Argo Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

There are 3 excellent options at 3 well defined price points. For customers with more modest equipment and systems who possibly couldn’t justify or afford buying a Tellus II Infinity or Silver Tellus Infinty plus cabling for their system now have several much more affordable options available to them.

A Micro box connected to a router in a streaming system, or a USB connection on a Melco N100 or S100, the components you can attack are limitless and these new bundles have brought serious Entreq grounding solutions to a whole new group of potential customers. The Macro and Silver Argo Kits offer more for those with bigger systems and bigger budgets.

The concept of ‘grounding’ is gaining traction with in the hi-fi industry, with a few brands releasing various solutions in one form or another. Entreq have been doing this for longer than anyone else at much higher levels as well, they have much more experience than anyone else in the field so they felt it was a good time to use some ‘trickle down’ technology and economies of scale to enable some high performing products to become available at all new price points!

The number of happy Entreq owners I have is literally growing by the week, the feedback is almost universally positive and I would estimate more than 3/4’s of people come back for more, which says a lot!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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