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Boenicke Audio W8 SE Loudspeakers Now on Demo!

I’ll write a comprehensive blog post in due course, but this just a short post is just to let people know that we know have the superb Boenicke Audio W8 SE loudspeakers on permanent demonstration.

The W8 SE is the first floor-standing speaker in the Boenicke range and it joins the W5 SE stand mount which we also have on demonstration, as with all the Boenicke models there are 3 versions of each speaker available – standard (£6995), SE (£11,150) and SE+ (£14,975)

I’ve chosen the middle SE model to keep on demonstration, although if someone would like to hear the standard W8 or SE+ it isn’t an issue. My first floor-standing loudspeaker was previously the Avalon PM1 which at £18,000 is a possibly a touch high for an entry level loudspeaker, they have been very popular, but not everyone wants to spend that sort of money on a pair of loudspeakers to be fair so we have a brilliant, smaller, less expensive alternative.

Standing at just under 78cm tall the W8 in whichever form it takes is very compact and they are beautifully proportioned, their performance is anything but small though! Out of the box the W8 SE are commanding, engaging and brilliantly musical and as you can see from the images the quality of the solid wood cabinets is outstanding, the attention to detail is right from the top drawer.

Boencke Audio W8 SE @ Audio Therapy

The SE and SE+ versions of the W8 come with the Swing Base as way of siting the speaker on the floor as opposed to using spikes, this is a superb method for decoupling the speaker from the floor and it is very effective, – the Swing Base needs a hard floor to properly work, but Boenicke make a ‘carpet aid’ accessory for those with carpeted rooms – I’ve not got mine yet, hence the tiles in the pictures! When set up correctly the speaker is freely suspended from the floor and almost bounces around if you gently move it.

Being so compact means the W8 SE can work in smaller rooms if required and the side firing bass drivers means you have plenty of flexibility over set up in a room as well. They take longer to set up in a room than most speakers to be fair and some patience is required, but it is well worth the effort!

A much more detailed post on the W8 SE is coming, but for those who are waiting for their arrival at Audio Therapy towers…..here they are!!!

Please get in touch if you want to organise a listen.

Boencke Audio W8 SE @ Audio Therapy

Boencke Audio W8 SE @ Audio Therapy

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