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Gold Note Winter Bundles!

Gold Note have announced a number of Winter Bundles enabling you to save some money on a number of combinations of some of their popular items, these are running now until the 31st of December (or until stocks have ran out)

The discount is not automatically configured at checkout – if you would like to purchase one of the bundles please send me an email and I can forward you a secure URL to complete the purchase.

It’s a great opportunity to make a great saving!

Bundle 1 

Order a PH-10 Phono Stage and PSU-10 Power Supply and receive £250 discount

Normal RRP £2398

Bundle RRP £2148

Bundle 2 

Order a Valore 425 Turntable and get a free Vasari Red MM cartridge worth £200, or upgrade to the Vasari Gold for an additional £100 (normally £350 on its own)

Bundle 3 

Order a pair of PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier and receive a £250 discount

Normal RRP £2798

Bundle RRP £2548

Bundle 4 

Order a Pianosa Turntable and receive a free Vasari Gold cartridge worth £350 or upgrade
to Donatello Red for just £200 (normally £650 on it’s own)

Bundle 5

Order a a Giglio turntable and receive a free Donatello Red cartridge worth £650

Bundle 6

Order a Mediterraneo turntable and receive a free Donatello Gold cartridge worth £1000

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