//Entreq Grounding Kits – Micro, Macro and Argo

Entreq Grounding Kits – Micro, Macro and Argo

I posted back in November about the launch of the Entreq Grounding Kits and thought this new post will serve as a bit of an update or refresher for people who are looking at them as potential upgrades as they are going down very nicely and I’m getting some great feedback on them and plenty of enquiries as well.

These 3 grounding kits are designed to give people a flavour of what Entreq grounding is all about, they wanted to launch something more affordable that could serve as introduction to the brand to those with more modest systems, the Micro and Macro kits offer complete grounding solutions at all new price point for Entreq

The Micro Kit is £220 and the Macro Kit is £400 and the Silver Argo Kit is £800

In each kit you get a ground box and a ground cable so you have everything you require in one simple package. You can obviously choose what termination you require for the ground cable (RCA, XLR, USB, RJ45, Spade).

The cable that comes with the Micro and Macro kit is the same and in performance terms it outperforms the old entry level Copper Infinity, this cable can’t be purchased on its own. The Silver Argo kit comes with an Argo cable.

To get set up couldn’t be simpler, connect one end of the ground cable to the ground box. Take the termination that came with your kit and connect it to the other end of the ground cable, this then connects into whichever device you intend to ‘ground’ on an unused connection, integrated amplifier, CD player, Melco, Router, Switch etc.

Entreq Macro Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

The box/connection is designed to pull away high frequency noise, as well as noise attracted from other connected components, such as RFI and EMI as well as unwanted magnetic field effects, it takes into account many different forms of noise and pollutants that are present

The resultant sound is a calmer, more natural presentation with more detail and improved dynamics, without being forward or aggressive in nature.

Traditionally with Entreq the effect of grounding always took a little time to settle down, lots of people would connect it up press play and then say I can’t hear any change, but after a 3 or 4 songs it would slowly start to do its thing and would finally settle after a day or so. With these new kits the benefit is much more obvious right from the very start, it still improves with a bit of time, but there is less waiting than ever before.

One of my customers sent me a WhatsApp message the other day after his Micro kit has been connected to his pre-amp for a couple of days and he was delighted with the impact it made to his system, it brought and immediate benefit with improved instrument separation, a bigger soundstage and just an overall improvement with the way the music sounded to paraphrase what he sent me.

I’ve had customers using Micro and Macro kits on all manner of equipment – they are going down particularly well in systems where streaming music from subscription services such as Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify (plus Roon) is a key or primary source. Connecting to routers, switches, Roon Cores and the like is proving a hit for sure.

Not forgetting things such as integrated amplifiers, DACs, Melco, even Sky boxes and TV’s – I’ve more than one customer doing this to great effect as well.

All 3 grounding kits deliver great performance improvements at 3 different price points.

Entreq Micro Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

For customers with more modest equipment and systems who possibly couldn’t justify or afford buying a Tellus II Infinity or Silver Tellus Infinity plus cabling for their system now have several much more affordable options available to them – 3 Micro kits at £660 or 3 Macro kits at £1200 offers superb flexibility to attack multiple components in one go and really pull system performance to a new level.

The concept of ‘grounding’ is gaining traction with in the hi-fi industry, with a few brands releasing various solutions in one form or another. Entreq have been doing this for longer than anyone else (23 years and counting!) at much higher levels as well, they have much more experience than anyone else in the field so they felt it was a good time to use some ‘trickle down’ technology and economies of scale to enable some high performing products to become available at all new price points!

The number of happy Entreq owners I have is literally growing by the week, the feedback is almost universally positive and I would estimate more than 3/4’s of people come back for more, which says a lot!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Entreq Silver Argo Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

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