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Plixir Power Supplies

We have stocked Plixir Power Supplies since the middle of last year and they have gone down very well, their range of Elite and Elementa DC power supplies in particular have proved very popular.

They are designed to replace and greatly improve upon the basic DC power supplies that come supplied by default with lots of equipment these days.

The most popular model in the range has been the Elite BDC 12V 2 Amp unit – this has a single output to drive one device and it can power things such as a Melco N100, D100 or S100, as well plenty of other components such as the Lumin Mini U1.  There is a version of this supply which is 12V 4amp with dual outputs so if you have an N100 and D100 you can power both at once as you can see in the image below.

Plixir @ Audio Therapy

They also produce a 19V version specifically designed to power either a Roon Nucleus or an Intel NUC (very popular for driving Roon Core) and it brings about an obvious improvement as well, Roon or more specifically the Core certainly seems sensitive to this aspect and it’s well worth considering as an upgrade.

The Elementa series is Plixir’s entry level range, these are housed in a slightly smaller, less elaborate case and offers less voltage regulation than the Elite range, but it comes in at a lower cost. Within this range there is a 12V 2amp supply (for the Melco N100 etc) and also a 5V 1 amp supply, which is the same supply that comes included with the MC03 ADOT Fibre Kit. There is also an Elite version of this supply available as well.

Since the start of this year it has been very difficult to keep up with demand for these power supplies, in particular my demonstration Elite 12V and 19V supplies have been out on almost permanent loan and they are going down brilliantly, beign used a wide variety of equipment.

One recent loan was the Elite 12V supply for a customer who wanted to try it on his Bel Canto CD2 CD Player and he was quite taken aback with the level of improvement it brought in his system and once he removed it from his system it wasn’t long before he decided he couldn’t live without one!

This same supply has proven to be popular on the Melco N100 and S100 Dataswitch as well. The improvements in just about all cases are are obvious and noticeable and well worth the price of admission from the feedback I am receiving and based on my own listening as well. On an S100 streaming Qobuz via a Melco N1Z or N50 the addition of the Elite 12V 2 amp supply is very good and it narrows the gap between streaming and playing music off a hard drive.

These supplies are designed to improve performance by lowering noise and delivering clean power with no unwanted mains pollutant getting injected into the asignal path. The inexpensive ‘walwart’ power supplies that come in the box with many devices essentially hold back performance.

That said, one thing I must stress is that with Plixir it is not all just about replacing basic walwart power supplies, I’ve had a number of customers replace well regarded aftermarket power supplies with Plixir over the past couple of months from some well known and established companies and everyone has been really pleased with the level of improvement that they have brought.

If you have any questions please get in touch

Plixir Elite BDC 4A 12V @ Audio Therapy

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