Reaching the Peak with Entreq!

The standard connections on the back of any of the Entreq Ground Boxes are simply wooden posts that hold the cable tightly in place, they offer no sonic purpose, wood is chosen by default as it adds nothing and takes nothing away.

A few years ago Entreq launched the K2 and Everest posts that are used to replace these wooden posts, these posts are manufactured from a number of different metals/minerals and when connected to a ground box they improve ability of the ground box to remove noise from whatever the ground box is connected to.

The K2 is comprised of 2 different materials and the Everest is made up using 4 different materials, these posts have proven to be very popular, many people have raised an eyebrow over what they do and how they work, but once someone tries one in their system there is no denying that they have an impact on performance.

In late 2021 Entreq made several changes to their ground boxes and cables and as a result of these changes a 3rd post, the Peak 4 was introduced. 

Entreq Peak 4 @ Audio Therapy

The K2 and Everest remain as popular as ever and they both have their place as they are quite different in terms of what they do and the new Peak 4 is no different in that sense.

The K2 are £170 each, the Everest are £240 each and the Peak 4 is £320

One important thing to stress, do not assume that the Peak 4 is the best post because it is the newest and most expensive option, it certainly has been incredibly popular since it’s launch, but all 3 posts are quite different in terms of what they offer in performance terms.

The K2 is more rounded, darker and fuller sounding, the Everest is more open and transparent and cleaner sounding and the Peak 4 takes elements of both, it gives you lots of texture, weight and seems to really pick apart the soundstage in terms of 3d holographics.

If you have a roundd or laid back system that needs some energy I would skip the K2 for example, and if you system is forward and lively an Everest could be a step too far, the Peak 4 is certainly the most balanced of the 3 posts to my ears, but as ever with Entreq there is no right or wrong and no magic recipe card.

As a result of the Peak 4 coming out I have a decent quantity of K2 and Everest that have been part exchanged, so anyone looking for a cost effective upgrade to their ground box and system these could be just the ticket! They can be purchased from the links above, please get in touch if you have any questions

Entreq Everest and K2 @ Audio Therapy

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