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Entreq Micro Grounding Kit

I’ve posted about Entreq’s Macro Grounding Kit a few times recently – people seem to like what it does, it improves the performance of whatever you connect it to by  removing unwanted high frequency noise (RFI and EMI) which is present in the signal path, this subsequently lowers the noise floor of your system. As a result of drawing away that noise you get uncover extra detail from your music, you improve the flow and timing which gives you greater engagement.

Common feedback from customers who have bought a Macro Kit is that as well as more information being revealed, a sense of calmness is instilled over the overall presentation. I’m finding a fairly large proportion of customers start with a single kit, but most people having ended up adding another kit to use elsewhere in their system reasonably quickly, which is best kind of feedback really!

Entreq also launched the smaller Micro kit at the same time, but in a way the success of the Macro kit has almost stolen all of the thunder of the entry level Micro kit.

The Micro kit works in exactly same way as the Macro kit and comes with the same grade of ground cable, you have all the same termination choices available as well so you can choose RCA, USB, RJ45 or XLR as the supplied connector.

Entreq Micro Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

The Micro Ground Box is physically smaller than a Macro Ground Box, being smaller means it doesn’t have the same capacity as the larger Macro Box to remove quite as much noise from whatever you connect it to, but it still has a place in many systems and as one customer said to me recently it is certainly easier to hide (which is important for some people!).

For those people who have smaller more modest systems spending £400 on a upgrade could harder to justify compared to the asking price of £220 for a Micro kit,

They work really well connected to routers and network switches as well as your more conventional items such as smaller integrated amplifiers and source components, in terms of how you use a Micro kit in many ways the limit is your imagination! I have customers using Micro kits on all sorts of different items, an LG OLED TV, a Sky Q Box, a Rega Brio and a Melco N100 spring to mind off the top of my head.

I keep Micro kits in stock along with all of the various termination options.

Click to buy now and please get in touch if you have any questions

Entreq Micro Grounding Package @ Audio Therapy

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