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Boenicke W5 SE & T+A Series 200 – Small and Perfectly Formed!

I put together a system last week for someone to listen to where space is a serious consideration, not everyone can accommodate floorstanding loudspeakers and huge integrated amplifiers, the customer wanted a system that could perform to a very high standard, but it all had to be compact!
The customer was a existing user of Roon, who has a lifetime subscription to their service so this functionality was clearly important to him, but he also liked to play the odd CD as well listening to Radio 4, this combination of listening requirements plus the size factor was pointing us to the brilliant MP200 Multi Source Player from T+A. The MP200 is a transport only and to be fair it can be used with any DAC but partnering it with the matching DAC200 (which is both a DAC and Preamp) and the A200 power amplifier made a lot of sense, they work together flawlessly with T+A’s system link, they sound superb and from a design point of view they look great and they don’t take up too real estate.
From the aspect of compact loudspeakers I think it’s safe to say that Swiss maestros Boenicke Audio take first place in this category, their entry level stand-mount model the W5 is incredibly svelte, measuring at just over 10 cm wide and just under 30cm tall.
The room I was using for the demonstration is approximately 5.5m square and has a ceiling height of nearly 3m so it’s a larger than average room and there is plenty of volume in the room, the W5 SE (the middle W5 model) driven by the Series 200 system filled the space without any issue whatsoever, more than sufficient bass depth and extension, the customer fully expected he have needed to add a subwoofer and thought was promptly dismissed within a couple of tracks being played!
The system sounded engaging with plenty of space and air, even at a relatively modest volume level, with the volume unleashed the system really came into its own though, the T+A components understandably have a natural synergy with one another but combined with the Boenicke W5 the whole system really found it’s groove and it’s a system that provides superb enjoyment – I’ve still not disconnected it!
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Boencke Audio W5 SE @ Audio Therapy
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