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/, News/Gold Note DS-10 EVO wins the Hi-Fi+ 2022 Award for Best Streamer/DAC!

Gold Note DS-10 EVO wins the Hi-Fi+ 2022 Award for Best Streamer/DAC!

The brand new Gold Note DS-10 EVO has just won the best Streamer/DAC in the 2022 Hi-Fi+ Awards Issue!

The EVO version of the DS-10 further improves performance and flexibility over the original version, it adds a new display which is subtly different to the original (and allows for over the air SW updates), also when streaming via Tidal you can now use Tidal Connect and stream directly from the Tidal app to the DS-10. Gold Note have also refined the performance of the DS-10 by making a few improvements to the output stage.

Gold Note DS-10 EVO @ Audio Therapy

The DS-10 EVO is incredibly versatile and it can be used in a variety of different ways.

First off, it is a DAC offering a multitude of digital inputs with 2 x optical, 1 x coaxial, 1 x AES EBU and 1 x USB B so it covers lots of bases for connecting external equipment to it.

Importantly, it has a network connection (both wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi) and once set up on your network you can stream via Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, Airplay and Internet Radio. It is also a certified Roon Endpoint and it will also play music via UPnP – so music stored on a NAS drive or a shared folder on a computer is also possible. MQA playback and DSD (up to 512) is no issue either. With Roon and streaming services in general coming of age many DS-10 customers using the network as they primary or only source.Gold Note DS-10 EVO @ Audio Therapy

The DS-10 also has a full analogue pre-amp on board as well – which can be turned off in the menu (or via the app or remote) if you want to run it just as a DAC

The DAC section has a extensive array of filter options on board, there 192 options (maybe a bit OTT but it is what it is!), where you can adjust the EQ curve, the de-emphasis curve and you can also control the amount of voltage driving the DAC, these settings can be applied in real time via the front panel.

In terms of analogue outputs it has both RCA and XLR and there is also a headphone socket on the front panel with high and low sensitivity options.

On the rear there is a dedicated socket for the PSU-10 EVO Power Supply, this gives the DS-10 EVO a really nice uplift in performance and serves as a great future upgrade. The standard DS-10 does not have an analogue input, but Gold Note produce a version of the DS-10 called EVO Line which is identical in every way but with the addition of 1 analogue input for those who need it.

With the matching Gold Note PA-10 Stereo Power Amplifier it makes these compact Gold Note units a compelling option for a high performing yet compact system. The PA-10 can be bridged so you can run a pair in mono as well.  You can start with a DS-10 EVO and 1 PA-10 and add a second PA-10 and the power supply later so no shortage of upgrade options to build up a great system in stages.

Any questions please get in touch 

Gold Note DS-10 EVO @ Audio Therapy


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