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//Vimberg Amea in Hi-Fi Plus Magazine!

Vimberg Amea in Hi-Fi Plus Magazine!

In the April 2023 of Hi-Fi Plus Magazine (number 218) Alan Sircom has reviewed the Vimberg Amea Loudspeakers and unsurprisingly they have received an absolutely superb review! The review touches on the history of the brand, the link with Tidal Audio and it goes into detail on the technical merits of the loudspeakers, from the cabinet and its construction, the passive radiator on the rear of the speaker and they focus on just how good the speaker is and how good a stand mount speaker can actually be when it is designed correctly, installed correctly and used with appropriate partnering equipment.

I’ve talked frequently in previous blog posts and also on social media about how the Vimberg line up is all about purity and clarity and the review touches on the fact there is ‘so much information on tap’ and this is so true with the Amea, they are wonderfully natural and neutral and almost invisible in many ways and what you hear is the system behind them and how good that is, they are certainly an incredibly rewarding loudspeaker

To quote the review…..

“so many loudspeakers are either too soft and laid back sounding to deliver any useful information about the inner detail of the music, or are so powerfully fixated on information delivery that listening to the most insipid dinner jazz is an edge of the seat experience. The Amea manages to give you all the energy and detail you can pull from a recording without making that experience tiring or edgy. Perhaps best of all, the Amea does this on any type of music……”

The review concludes by saying “To most having a loudspeaker this capable is just an illusory fantasy, but it’s all in a day’s work for Vimberg’s awesome Amea”

You can learn more about the Vimberg Amea by reading my original blog post on them which was published when I first received my Amea on demonstration and they have certainly gone down very well since then.

If you would like to experience how good the Amea can sound please don’t hesitate to get in touch, my new demo room and is and running and it’s here for people to use and enjoy, plus the coffee is rather good too!

I keep a wide variety of electronics on demonstration as well, they work brilliantly on relatively modest equipment, but every time you improve the electronics the Amea respond accordingly, they are very much an open window into the music, bringing your own amplifier with you is no issue either.

Vimberg Amea Loudspeaker @ Audio Therapy

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