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Fyne Audio F501 SP – Now on Demonstration

Our range of Fyne Audio is growing, I’m delighted to announce that the F501 SP is now on permanent demonstration here at Audio Therapy. Essentially the F500 SP range of speakers is the standard F500 hot-rodded with a number of elements from the F700 Series which sits a bit further up the range.

High gloss finish as standard, the Isoflare point source drivers are direct descendants of the ones used in F700, the BassTrax diffuser system on the downward firing port comes from both F700 and the flagship F1 and internal cabling has also been upgraded. Both the Isoflare and the bass driver are 6 inch in size on the F501 SP

These 2 features alone give this speaker a huge helping hand as they greatly aid with positioning in the room and the single point isoflare driver assists in creating superb imaging, for the price of admission (£3499 a pair) there isn’t much I’ve experienced that can image as well as this speaker.

Fyne Audio F501 SP White @ Audio Therapy

Fyne Audio F501 SP White @ Audio Therapy

Out of the box the F501 SP are a superb sounding speaker, they have great bass weight which is incredibly extended, textured and doesn’t overload the room or mask finer detail. Dynamics are excellent as well, they are an incredible informative loudspeaker, the Isoflare drive unit makes them coherent, expressive and a really enjoyable listen.

One point to mention – on the connection terminal there is a ground point, which is connected directly to the driver chassis on the inside of the cabinet – connect an Entreq Macro Box to the back of each speaker and it delivers a nice uplift in performance by removing noise and interference so a great future upgrade for someone potentially.

Once I’ve got some hours on them I’ll be writing a more in depth blog post on them, this post is a bit of an introduction and to make people aware they are here!

On demonstration now, please get in touch for more information or to arrange a demonstration

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