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Demonstration Blogs Coming Soon!

After a recent demonstration something my client said gave me a moment of inspiration and, after some further thought over the following days, this idea turned into the concept of publishing a blog post putting focus on the system being used in the demonstration room to give you an insight into what is happening here at Audio Therapy.

Not everyone uses or consumes social media – like the customer who set off my thought process – so they don’t get exposed to all of those images, stories and reels as they appear online, hopefully this type of blog will actually be of benefit to everyone as it will allow me to expand upon the short paragraph typically associated with a social media post and go into more detail on the system in use.

It won’t be a regular posting as most blogs are written during periods of (rare!) downtime, often late at night or simply when the mood takes me and at times putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is harder and more time consuming than it looks, but I’ll aim to publish a blog as often as I can.

These posts will give me the opportunity to talk about different systems at varying price points and where appropriate outline what happens when you make a fundamental change to a system – a different loudspeaker, a different amplifier or DAC or swapping out loudspeaker cable. Some changes can be a marked change whereas others can be more of a subtle shifting of a systems tonal balance, to help fine tune a system to a customer’s sonic taste. There is a quite a selection of products to choose from and what is most appropriate will vary from one demonstration to the next – I have extensive experience and know my products inside and out – I have quite a few customers who say I throw a very good curve ball.

Shunyata Typhon T2 @ Audio Therapy

All of the products here at Audio Therapy have been carefully curated and selected after many hours of evaluation and listening, trying out every conceivable option to make sure everything performs to the very highest of standards. There are no shelf fillers or products of the month, everything excels in their respective fields regardless of their price points. Yes, some of the more serious equipment is a selection of the very finest you will find anywhere in the world, but please don’t assume that my demonstration room is off limits for those with more modest tastes and finances – nothing could be further from the truth, a Melco N100 demonstration gets as much time and effort put into it as a Melco N1 or the Taiko Extreme and these blogs will cover everything, regardless of price.

In terms of creating a system I take what I would describe as an holistic approach – equal importance is placed upon every aspect of the system, it’s not just the electronics and loudspeakers that play the pivotal role in achieving how a system performs. The signal cables, power products, network products, room treatment, isolation and grounding solutions all play a huge role in getting the very best from any system, they will lower noise levels and allow the electronics and loudspeakers to perform to the best of their abilities.

Entreq Ground Boxes @ Audio Therapy

At any level the products I have allow me to build a system that is musically rewarding and engaging with wonderful transparency, poise, naturalness, balance and importantly it will never clinically dissect your music or ever become fatiguing to listen to. All systems are well thought out and considered based on the customers desires and requirements. The end result of this approach is almost always less upgrades, but better, more measured upgrades which results in customers who are much happier with their systems and their music.

The majority of demonstrations result in an extended home trial, this is crucial to ensure that the system or component is right for the customer for the long term which is obviously important, don’t forget that as well as home trials I also offer part exchange which helps make to the numbers work when you find that right component or upgrade.

I have genuine passion for what I do and customer demonstrations are one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job and I hope these blog posts will reflect that and be informative and to also give those customers who don’t use social media something different to look at!

All being well the first post will not be long in coming!

Vitus RI-101 mk2 @ Audio Therapy

T+A DAC200 @ Audio Therapy

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