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Entreq Micro Kit Special Offer

Entreq’s Micro Kit is their entry level grounding kit and it is smaller, lower cost version of the popular Macro version, it comes with exactly the same ground cable as the Macro Kit but the Micro Ground Box is smaller, it has less capacity than a Macro Kit but is still incredibly effective at removing noise and improving performance.

Sicne their launch the Macro Kit has certainly taken all of the acclaim and the Micro Kit has undoubtedly been a victim of the success of the Macro Kit.

The principle behind both kits is the same, connect them to a component in your system – a router, switch, streamer, integrated amp etc and they drawn away noise present in the signal path to the box and improve musical performance as a result.

They improve detail, timing and make the music calmer and more natural, a great addition to a router or switch where space can be at a premium.

Each kit comes with a connector and you choose from RCA, XLR (male or female), USB A, USB B, RJ45 and Spade and they are normally £220, I’ve plenty of kits and all of the connectors in stock and they are on special offer at £165 including P&P to mainland UK.

Entreq Micro Grounding Kit @ Audio Therapy

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