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Entreq Ground Boxes

Entreq is proving to be as popular as ever, it’s a great brand and their range of ground boxes is incredibly strong. Simply connect a box to a component in your system, give it some time and the benefits are not difficult to hear.

A calmer, more refined presentation with greater detail and weight, tone and textures always take a step forwards when some Entreq is integrated into a system.

The Grounding Kits have proven to to be a great success and have introduced Entreq to a whole new group of customers – step above these kits and you have Entreq’s classic range of boxes – they offer greater performance over the kits and there are plenty of options, all bases can easily be covered in any system with the right combination of bits.

I’ve taken in part exchange a number of Entreq’s popular single cell ground boxes, the Silver Minimus and Olympus Ten. I’ve 3 of each and all boxes are in great condition, supplied in original packaging, they’ve all had a fresh coat of beeswax as well.

Entreq Silver Minimus Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

Entreq Olympus Ten Ground Box @ Audio Therapy

The Silver Minimus was £480 when new, these are £259 each including UK P&P

The Olympus Ten was £1100 when new, these are £540 each including UK P&P

The Silver Minimus is a great option for the price, but step up the Olympus Ten and you do get a lot more for the money, the tone and texture I mentioned above really stands out with an Olympus Ten.

The Silver Tellus Infinity was one of Entreq’s larger offerings, weighing in at 22kg it has huge capacity to remove noise – it is like a Silver Minimus just on a much larger scale.

There are 4 posts on the rear on the Silver Tellus Infinity, posts 1 to 3 are shared internally and post 4 is independent so you’ve lots of configuration options – analogue and digital connections are best kept separated and this gives you the ability to that.

This ground box was discontinued around 18 months ago and I’ve just purchased Entreq’s last 2 units, these are brand new in sealed boxes, RRP was £2100, these are £999 including UK P&P

Ground cables are not included, but I keep Argo, Apollo and Triton all in stock.

Any questions please get in touch.

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