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Shunyata Research Venom V6 Power Conditioner, plus Gamma and Theta!

The Venom V6 is the newest power conditioner from Shunyata Research, priced at £2500 it has been positioned between the entry level Venom UK6 and the Delta D6. As you can see from the images, the Venom V6 is more like the Delta D6 than the UK6, it’s slightly smaller than Delta but designed to sit within an equipment stand.

It has 6 outlets and offers a greater level of noise reduction compared to the UK6, it has a C19 IEC inlet and a dedicated ground post for using with Shunyata’s Altaira Altaira Chassis Grounding Hub.

Shunyata Research Venom V6 @ Audio Therapy

Using Shunyata’s proprietary DTCD high current capacity technology and their CCI noise reduction filters you get a significant slice of the performance you get from Shunyata’s more expensive offerings. I’ve been running a Venom V6 and a Venom XC with the T+A 200 Series system and a pair of Fyne Vintage 5 and even you are using stock power cables the addition of the V6 brought about an obvious uplift in performance, tighter bass, improved clarity and air/space. Once you move to some NR power cables on the components things only get better, available to buy now!

To combine with this new model Shunyata have also got 2 new cable ranges coming very soon!

Shunyata Research Theta NR @ Audio Therapy

Venom and Delta are the oldest cables in their line up and they have both been replaced with new ranges, Gamma replaces Venom and Theta replaces Delta.

These 2 ranges are not just about power cables either, there is loudspeaker cables, analogue interconnects, digital cables – including USB and RJ45 plus grounding cables. Both Gamma and Theta are due for release very soon, I’ve demonstration stock of everything on order so watch this space.

The really good new with these 2 new ranges is that Shunyata have managed to maintain the superb performance of both Venom and Delta, but they have brought down the price points which is always a good thing – Delta NR was £1500 and the new Theta NR is £1100 as an example, there will more to come on Theta and Gamma once my stock arrives.

Any questions please ask!

Shunyata Research Theta XLR @ Audio Therapy

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