//Shunyata Research Gamma & Theta now on demo!

Shunyata Research Gamma & Theta now on demo!

Shunyata Research’s new entry level cable lines, Gamma and Theta are now both on demonstration here at Audio Therapy.

Gamma replaces Venom and Theta replaces the Delta, both of the outgoing cables were the oldest ranges in the Shunyata line up and they have put in an incredible  amount of research and development to ensure that both of the new lines surpass the outgoing cables, as a company focussed on research there is very little point in releasing new product if they don’t advance on the performance of whatever they replace.

Also, in a world where prices only ever seem to rise it is very refreshing to see that both Gamma and Theta are less expensive than the cables they replace.

Shunyata Research are arguably most well known for their power cables and conditioners, but they also produce for each of their cable lines loudspeaker cables, analogue interconnects, digital interconnects, clock cables and grounding cables, so they really do cover all bases. In any audio system, regardless of the price point or performance level you almost always get better results when there is consistency between the cables in a system.

Shunyata Research Theta XLR Cable @ Audio Therapy

On my travels I see plenty of systems and many use what often seems like a completely random mixture of cables, often bought as second hand ‘bargains’ and such like. Sometimes they can all be good cables in their own right, but it’s not unusual to find a mixture of diametrically opposed cables fighting for overall control in the way a system musically communicates. I’d rather spend less money on a whole loom for a system and keep it all consistent and well balanced as opposed to a random mixture that can often end up with a system sounding contrived, artificial and this so often leads the customer down a black hole of part exchanges and endless swapping of cables.

Shunyata introduce KPIP V2

Shunyata use a process called KPIP (Kinetic Phase Inversion Process) on all of their cables, this process almost eliminates the need for cable burn in and removes issues over cable directionality. Every cable they produce spends 4 days in the factory on their KPIP machines (I’ve seen this first hand from a recent visit to the Shunyata factory) – with Gamma and Theta they have developed KPIP v2 which refines and further improves performance and really helps to elevate these 2 new lines in performance terms. For now, only Gamma and Theta will utilise the KPIP v2 process but as and when new cables are ranges are launched they will also use KPIP V2. All of their cables require settling time when new, but this is hugely reduced become of the KPIP process.

Ohno Copper

Gamma and Theta are both manufactured with the finest conductors available at the price points – Single-crystal, continuous cast Ohno copper is an ultra-pure conductor normally found in much more costly cable designs. Ohno conductors are extruded using Shunyata Research’s exclusive PMZ (Precision Matched Impedance) process. This extrusion method tightens the tolerances of the conductor surfaces, dielectric extrusions, and the precision of the braided shield.  The extrusion and braiding machines must be run at one-quarter speed during the manufacturing process and the tolerances are very small.

Shunyata Research Gamma XC Power Cable @ Audio Therapy

Gamma Line

Gamma NR Power Cable £649.00 – 1.75m

Gamma XC Power Cable £649.00 – 1.75m

Gamma Loudspeaker Cable £1000 – 2.5m pair (£200 per metre)

Gamma RCA Cable £400 – 1m pair

Gamma XLR Cable £500 – 1m pair

Gamma USB Cable £350 – 1.5m

Gamma RJ45 Cable £350 – 1.5m

Gamma AES Digital Cable £300 – 1m

Gamma SPDIF Digital Cable £275 – 1m

Gamma Clock 75 £350 – 1m

Gamma Ground Cable £225 – 1m

Shunyata Research Theta NR Power Cable @ Audio Therapy

Theta Line

Theta NR Power Cable £1100.00 – 1.75m

Theta XC Power Cable £1100.00 – 1.75m

Theta Loudspeaker Cable £2000 – 2.5m pair (£400 per metre)

Theta RCA Cable £1000 – 1m pair

Theta XLR Cable £1200 – 1m pair

Theta USB Cable £700 – 1.5m

Theta RJ45 Cable £500 – 1.5m

Theta AES Digital Cable £600 – 1m

Theta SPDIF Digital Cable £550 – 1m

Theta Clock 50 £800 – 1m

Theta Clock 75 £700 – 1m

Theta Ground Cable £300 – 1m

As you can see there is an extensive selection of cables, in terms of sonics and performance both Gamma and Theta offer a level of purity that I’ve never experienced before at these sort of price points. They both have superb coherence, excellent imaging and sound-staging and are incredibly clean sounding, I’ve tested both on a wide variety of systems at vastly different price levels and they are very impressive and even on a system costing well in excess of £100,000 neither cable felt out of place.

Comparing Gamma to Theta you gain more air, space and there is greater weight and resolution but tonally you can hear that they are incredibly similar, Theta just raises the performance up, but in the time I’ve been playing with the Gamma I’ve never once felt short changed by it. I would happily put either range up against something costing more money.

I’ve not created specific product pages for all of the individual Gamma and Thera products as I have a new website launching in mid-May and everything is all ready for the new site. I have both Gamma and Theta NR, XC, XLR, USB, RJ45 and loudspeaker cables all on demonstration now, home loans are no issue and part exchange is welcome as well, please get in touch if you have any questions.

Shunyata Research Gamma Speaker Cable @ Audio Therapy

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