Energy Transforming Equipment

Entreq are a Swedish company and the name Entreq is an abbreviation of the term “Energy Transforming Equipment”. They manufacture an extensive range of signal cables, power cables, ground boxes and ground cables.

Entreq keep me incredibly busy, more than any other product range in my portfolio if truth be told. People keep coming back for more, which says a lot about a product and how effective it is.

Hi-fi enthusiasts and music lovers are always looking for that next big component upgrade, changing their amplifier, DAC or CD player for the next big model up the range.  In many instances, this does yield improvements to performance, but often at great cost and the law of diminishing returns will always raise its head at some point.

But what if there was another way to improve your existing system and get much more from your music, but without constantly changing expensive components and losing money on unnecessary part exchanges?

Entreq Olympus Ten @ Audio Therapy


A hi-fi system in its most basic form may comprise an integrated amplifier and a CD player. Regardless of the quality of these components, you are not experiencing the full impact of what they can do.

Connect an Entreq ground box to your hi-fi and it will lower the noise floor by removing dirty pollutants contained within the signal path, enabling you to hear more music, more detail, more engagement and ultimately get more enjoyment from your music.

Entreq @ Audio Therapy

It’s a fact that the vast majority of people who have “good” hi-fi systems are not hearing them anywhere near their full potential and yet they still make those big upgrades without even realising what their existing system is capable of delivering.

Entreq Poseidon

Watching a customer listen to his hi-fi system grounded for the first time is a brilliant experience and it almost always results in the same feedback, “how is it possible?” or words to that effect.

People are always initially a little sceptical about these wooden boxes and can often be quite dismissive about them in the first instance but once they’ve heard one it doesn’t take very long for them to be convinced of their merits!

If you want to hear how you can listen to your hi-fi at its most natural and focussed without fatigue, colour or aggression please explore the links below!