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Entreq Ground Boxes

The ground boxes are perhaps the most fundamental part of the Entreq philosophy as they offer a substantial upgrade to the performance of any system when components (e.g. Pre-amp, power amp and CD player or DAC) are grounded. If Entreq signal cables, power cables and speaker cables are introduced into the system in the future they can be grounded as well, further enhancing system performance.

What do the Ground Boxes do?

All hi-fi systems have pollutants in the signal path which get in the way of the delicate musical signal, caused by factors such as stray magnetic currents and excessive noise in power supplies. These are caused by a number of factors in the modern home, computers using switched mode power supplies, routers, mobile phone chargers, fridge freezer (the compressors are very noisy on the mains) dishwashers, kettles, the list goes on and on. All of these products contribute to having a negative effect on the performance of your hi-fi system. Go around your home and count just how many devices you have permanently powered on; they all have a detrimental effect on system performance. Also the components in a hi-fi system can also be noisy themselves, due to larger transformers etc.

To connect a passive ground box to your system couldn’t be simpler. Entreq ground cables are available with various types of connections on them, RCA, XLR (male or female), USB, RJ45 (ethernet) and 5 Pin Din for Naim. You simply connect a cable to an appropriate unused socket on your amplifier; the other end of the cable connects to a terminal on the back of the ground box with a simple spade connector.

This connection creates, in effect, a drain for each piece of grounded equipment and removes the pollutants present in the signal path. How quickly this works does vary from one manufacturer to another as it depends on how the ground plane has been designed internally. It is quite often something you will hear instantly, but it typically takes 2 or 3 songs before getting an indication that something is changing. Best results usually occur after 24 to 48 hours.

The first thing most people notice is the drop in the noise floor, the desire to increase the volume is commonplace because of this. A reduction in coarseness and grain (even where you don’t think it’s present) and the creation of an inky black background is another thing which occurs. This allows the music to flow more naturally with focus, stability and improved harmonics and dynamics. As you move up the range you get more texture and more air.

“It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play”

                                                                                                    Miles Davis

Recently one of my customers said to me after a visit – “the improvement is as much as about what you don’t hear”, the lowering of noise floor allows subtle previous unheard nuances and textures to really jump out.

What can you ground? Pretty much whatever you want in reality. Integrated amplifiers, pre-amps, dac’s, cd players and cd transports, music streamers, routers, NAS drives, the lists goes on and on. The end result can vary dramatically from system to system. Please do not underestimate or overlook the benefit of adding an Entreq Ground Box into your system. I have done countless demonstrations for customers who have initially been sceptical or dismissive over the concept, but I can confidently say that the vast majority of these demonstrations result in someone purchasing a ground box and a selection of cables to connect to the components in their system.

Ground the Speaker Outputs of your Amplifier

One other application you can do on certain ground boxes which is proving incredibly popular is grounding the speaker outputs on your integrated amplifier or power amplifier.

You can do this with 2 of the 3 outlets on a Tellus II, a Poseidon or 2 x Silver Minimus, 2 x Olympus Ten or 2 x Olympus Minimus, along with 2 suitable ground cables, Apollo Infinity is the most popular grounding cable for this application. You simply connect one box to the left negative speaker terminal on your amplifier and the other box to your right negative speaker terminal on your amplifier.

I must stress that NOTHING else can share the post you are using other than this one connection from your negative outputs. Damage may occur if you ground another component to the same post, or if you ground your speaker outputs together on the same post, if you are in any doubt whatsoever please ask!

This is a demonstration which I particularly enjoy as I love watching my customers’ faces as they hear the impact this can have on performance.  I recently did this demonstration with a Poseidon where the effects were huge and instantly audible, the scale of the system opened up and things become almost holographic in presentation.

After leaving this with the customer for a week I returned and simply disconnected them. All of a sudden his system sounded forward, thin and congested. Needless to say an order was forthcoming shortly afterwards!

Please note: You cannot ground your amplifiers negative speaker outlets using a single Silver Tellus, an original Tellus or an Olympus Tellus as the grounding posts on these boxes are all common, they are NOT independent like the outlets on the Tellus II, the Poseidon or the smaller single post boxes. If you are using single post boxes like Minimus, Silver Minimus, Olympus Ten and Olympus Minimus you can only use a PAIR of boxes. You cannot use one box for both connections.

Ground the ringmain your Hi-Fi is connected to

One incredibly effective thing you can do to your system is to ground the mains supply. Even if you do nothing else with your system with regard to Entreq, by grounding the ringmain properly we are dramatically lowering the noise floor and removing noise on the mains before we even get to the hi-fi.

This can be a brilliant upgrade and is really simple to do. All you require is a dedicated ground cable which safely plugs into an unused wall socket (the plug has one pin in it which connects to the earth pin on the socket, so in effect it’s a direct connection to protective ground), the other end of the cable has a spade connection and this is connected to a dedicated ground box. It should not be shared with any other ground cables.

The Silver Tellus (with nothing else connected to it) is proving to be the most popular box for this application.

This is an incredibly effective demonstration and one which always delivers brilliant results. Mains power is a dirty thing and although it’s a necessary evil for most things, the delicate audio signal is easily polluted and degraded by it. Arrange a demonstration and find out for yourself! I must stress this is especially effective if your system is on dedicated ringmain all to itself as well!

An Apollo Infinity Earth cable is £600.00 and an Atlantis Earth cable is £1300.00, Ground Box prices are below. You could comfortably spend this sort of money on upgrading a CD player or amplifier and get sonic benefit at a cost but even that upgrade is still being held back by poor mains. Even if you had no other Entreq or grounding in place in your system ANY hi-fi or Audio Visual system will benefit from having this done!

What is right for my system?

The Silver Tellus, Silver Minimus, Olympus Ten and Poseidon are the most popular ground boxes in the range. Some systems just need one box, some systems will require multiple boxes to get the very best out of them. In some systems, depending on the components 3 or 4 Silver Minimus can be a better solution than a Silver Tellus. A Silver Tellus offers greater capacity, but digital components or devices such as routers/networks benefit greatly from being grounded in isolation.

As I’ve mentioned several times, the key to Entreq is a proper demonstration, in the comfort of your home with no pressure and no time constraints. What works wonderfully well in one system is not guaranteed to have the same results in another and it is typically isn’t something you can demonstrate quickly.

Understanding how your system performs will enable us to get the best results for you and it isn’t about simply recommending the most expensive products – far from it.

I have a vast selection of Entreq product on demonstration and for good reason. There are so many applications for it and depending on what your system is, how it performs for you and how you want to improve it we can demonstrate the most appropriate solution for your requirements.

So many people have good systems, who are forever on the upgrade trail, upgrading their speakers or amplifier every few years to the next up model in the range. There’s no doubt performance improves with upgrades such as this – people woudn’t buy them otherwise.

However, your system is capable of delivering much greater levels of performance without needing to keep upgrading speakers, amplifiers etc. If you ground your system, this stays with your system forever, whatever you upgrade in the future the ground box is there doing its thing.

Arrange a demonstration of Entreq and hear your current system play music like you never thought possible! The right combination of components is devastatingly good.

Minimus – 1 x single post £290.00

Silver Minimus – 1 x single post £480.00

Olympus Ten1 x single silver post £1100.00

Olympus Minimus – 1 x single silver post £1850.00

Tellus II – 3 isolated posts (2 x Silver Minimus & 1 Silver Minimus/Atlantis Minimus £1380.00

Silver Tellus – 4 shared posts £1750.00

Poseidon – 3 isolated silver posts £3700.00

Olympus Tellus – 6 shared silver posts and 1 isolated post (for connecting to a spare wall socket) £6600.00