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Entreq Infinity Ground Cables

There’s a comprehensive selection of ground cables available, all of them varying in performance and application, starting from just £90.00 for a Copper.

In terms of grounding your amplifier, CD player, pre-amp, streamer, router, there are 4 different types of ground cable termination available, which are:

RCA, XLR (available in male or female form), USB (type A), RG45 (Ethernet) and 5 Pin Din (for Naim), the end of the cable which connects to the ground box is a simple spade connection, with the new Infinity range this connection is like a shepherds hook and is much better.

If you are grounding your amplifier’s speaker outputs, the type of ground cable you require is different, it is simply spade to spade. Spade to spade cables can also have other useful applications, like connecting to a power block with a ground point for example.

If you are grounding an Entreq interconnect or speaker cable you need another type of ground cable, 3.5mm jack to spade, with the jack simply connected to the little fly lead on the interconnect/speaker cable.

When you first read about all of the options and cable types it may seems daunting and confusing, but once you’ve got your head around it, it is really quite straightforward.

Which bits are right for me?

There is no right of wrong combination of ground cables, it depends on your budget, your system and most importantly how it sounds and what you want out of your system.

For example if you have a pre/power amplifier and a CD transport and DAC used with a pair of speakers with metal dome tweeters, you may find Silver too strident in presentation, but a mixture of Apollo and Challenger may result in a really good balance. As mentioned above, the Apollo is comfortably the most popular cable in the range, then Challenger, then Atlantis, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Atlantis and Challenger swapped places before long!

The almost infinite number of grounding options validates my often repeated statements about home demonstrations. I’m always happy to chat and converse via email with people about their system, but you can’t beat sitting down in the comfort of your own home and listening to some music to see what mix of cables/grounding works for you!

Don’t automatically assume that the most expensive is the best! It all depends on the system!