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Entreq Infinity Ground Cables

Entreq Triton Ground Cable @ Audio Therapy

In the Autumn of 2021 Entreq have made some fairly significant changes to their range of Infinity Ground Cables, essentially to streamline the range.

The range is now made up from 4 cables, starting with the all new Argo Infinity (£340), then the existing Apollo Infinity (£640), then stepping up to an all new cable with the Triton Infinity (£999), followed by the flagship Olympus Infinity (£1550) which remains unchanged.

There is no shortage of termination option either, all cables are available with either RCA, XLR (both male and female), USB, RJ45, Spade and 5 Pin Din connectors.

Argo, Apollo and Triton all use 3.5mm interchangeable bayonets so if your termination requirements change so you can simply buy another plug (£30 each), connect it to your cable and you are good to go. The Olympus also users a changeable bayonet, but it does not connect via a 3.5mm interface, it retains the original solid silver bayonet, these are £120 each.

Entreq use to make 3.5mm ground cables for use with their older range of interconnects and speaker cables, this termination is now special order only.

Which bits are right for me?

Entreq Argo and Triton Ground Cables @ Audio Therapy

There is no right of wrong combination of ground cables, it depends on your budget, how it sounds and what you want out of your system.

Each of the ground cables has their place and are system dependent. Please don’t assume the most expensive equals best performance. The new Argo Infinity is very effective in a system that is forward and lively for example whereas the Apollo is more insightful and transparent. The flagship Olympus Infinity is like an Apollo but but you simply get a lot more of everything that an Apollo does, the all new Triton at £1000 bridges the gap between the 2 perfectly.

The Argo is arguably the most interesting cable as it effectively replaces Copper Infinity, Discover Infinity, Konstantin Infinity, Challenger Infinity and Silver Infinity. Performance has improved beyond all of the older cables, tonally the Argo is closest to a Challenger, not surprising given it was the most popular of these cables by a some degree.

Due to the huge amount of equipment that exists and the almost limitless combination of components the correct Entreq solution can vary dramatically from one system to another.  I’m always happy to chat with people about their system, but you can’t beat sitting down in the comfort of your own home and listening to some music to see what mix of cables/grounding works for you!

Please get in touch if you require any more information, we keep an extensive range of all 4 ground cables on demonstration.

Entreq Olympus Ground Cable @ Audio Therapy