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Entreq Interconnects

Entreq Primer XLR @ Audio Therapy

The first thing I need to stress here is what Entreq cables focus on (or more importantly what they don’t focus on). They do not present themselves as a vivid, up front and “in your face” warts and all cable, like some well known brands do.

So, if you are looking for major excitement with big dynamics then Entreq possibly isn’t for you, but if you put value on your systems ability to naturally recreate musical presentation with accuracy, focus and poise with superb texture and coherency, you’ll find Entreq to be a truly addictive experience.

The vast majority of Entreq Infinity Interconnects (be it analogue, USB, RJ45 or Digital) now come included with hard wired ground cables which are all 0.55m long by default. A large number of cables also come included with a ground box as well, be it a Primer Box or the slightly larger Diskon box. It is only the top of the range cables that do not come included with ground cables and a ground box so you can mix and match to your requirements to optimise performance at this level.

It’s great for the rest of the range though as it is better value for money and you simply get everything you need in one box to get up and running. For many potential Entreq owners the choice can be rather bewildering! The grounding is a fundamental aspect to the Entreq cables, you are only getting the full story of what is possible with an Entreq interconnect once it is grounded. Checkout the guide to the ground boxes and ground cables

As you move up the range of signal cables the level of transparency and musicality increases significantly but the overall tone/house sound of the cable remains the same, unlike some brands whose different cables can have completely different sonic signatures as you move through cables.

The Primer Pro has proven itself to be a brilliant range of cable, all at very competitive price points, they quite easily stand up against other things costing more money. One you step aboe the Primer Pro range the Konstantin Infinity is the next most popular cable, which sits almost in the middle of the range. It’s a fair step up in terms of cost, but whenever anyone listens to what a Konstantin Infinity can do it is rare for someone to not buy one, as you move through the range you simply get more and more of all the good things Entreq does.

Someone once said to me after a demonstration – “It’s so natural and uncoloured, it’s as if there is no cable there at all”

Characteristics of Entreq Cable Design

1 Separate cable for positive and negative signals

2 Asymmetrical design

3 Positive and negative cables are spun clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.

4 Adapted lengths to minimise the antenna effect.

5 DIC Dedicated contacts so the area on the mass of the contact areas correspond to the cable area.

6 Wood in the contact framework. Non-magnetic and non-conductive.

7 Only pure copper and silver in the signal paths. No alloys

8 Drain wire instead of shielding in order to connect to a pure earth point (External Earth Drain System)

9 Cotton covering instead of synthetic materials

10 EEDS External Earth Drain System*
*This entails the shielding / drain wire not being connected to the device’s negative pole, but is connected to another external earth point, i.e. a ground box!

This way, Entreq can drain off the interference/noise that the shielding absorbs to the ground outside of the signal paths, instead of the usual mixing it together with the signal wire at the connection to the devices.

All of the above factors are important and contribute to the performance you get, but particular attention should be paid to points 8 and 10.

Entreq signal cables are not shielded unlike most other cable brands. In a shielded cable  you will find the interference/noise is kept within the shield/drain (it’s still within the cable!) the Entreq method takes away this interference/noise to the ground box so the cables are completely free of any pollutants/noise getting in the way of delicate signal!

Entreq Analogue Interconnect Cables (RCA & XLR)

There are 7 analogue interconnects available in the range, starting at £650.00 for the entry level Primer Pro RCA (£850 with XLR termination) and going up from there. The Primer Pro offers excellent value for money and it’s a great and relatively inexpensive way to get into Entreq as a brand. The Discover Infinity and Konstantin Infinity both come with 0.55m ground wires built into the interconnect and come with Diskon Box. The Challenger Infinity comes with grounds wires attached but no ground box and the Apollo, Atlantis and Olympus come own their own. As mentioned above the Primer Pro and Konstantin Infinity are the 2 most popular cables in the range.

The Diskon Ground Box that comes included with the Discover and Konstantin Infinity is a great little box but many customers often upgrade to a better box down the line, going to an Silver Minimus Infinity, Olympus Ten (or beyond) can result in a huge uplift in performance in a good transparent system, it’s doesn’t take long to hear the benefits this can offer to be fair. The Diskon box can always be reused on another component as well.

Entreq USB Cables, RJ45 Cables and Digital Interconnects

Digital cables don’t work as “it’s all 0’s and 1’s” right?

Over the years, I have had many discussions with people about digital cables and I’ve read many comments online as well; there is a school of thought that a digital signal is just 0’s and 1’s and digital cables make no difference to sound quality.

It’s big debate online, all of the cable haters say it’s a waste of time and it’s something I won’t get embroiled in. All I will say is listen to a cable in the confines of your own system, for an extended period of time and see what happens to your music and more importantly your enjoyment of it! If it doesn’t work for you or you can’t justify the cost that’s fine! Get a friend to swap cables around and not tell you which cable is playing!

I have numerous customers using Entreq Digital Cables (be it RCA, AES/EBU, USB or RJ45) at various price point and in proper blind testing the results were not subtle, far from it in most cases.

USB Cables

The USB cables are the most popular of the digital cables as they can be used on a variety of different devices, such as Melco, Innous, Aurender and computers as well all connected to USB DAC’s or amplifier that have integrated DAC’s within them.

There are 5 different USB cables in the range, the Primer Pro is the first cable in the range at £400 and is probably the Entreq cable I sell the most of full stop, as with all the Primer range it comes complete with a ground wire and ground box. Typical Entreq performance, low noise, natural and musical. I’ve demonstrated this against other USB cables from well known and highly regarded brands at double the money it is rare for it now to win out. Remember there are another 4 cables in the range above this as well! The next most popular USB is the Apollo Infinity USB which is £1400, this price includes a 0.55m drain wire, but not a ground box. In a good system with a Melco N1ZH or N1ZS the Apollo raises it performance quite significantly over just about everything to be fair.

RJ45 Cables

There are 5 RJ45 Cables, starting with the Primer Pro priced at £390, it represents superb value for money, connected between a network and a streamer it works really well.

The Apollo Infinity RJ45 cable comes with a ground cable, but not a ground box. The flagship Atlantis requires both a ground cable and ground box to work effectively.

If you stream music (Tidal/Qobuz/Spotify) from a Sonos or Bluesound replacing the standard ethernet cable with a Primer or Primer Pro is an incredible upgrade.

Networks are very noisy environments and if you look after the signal you can find your streamed music subscription will sound a whole lot better!


There are 3 digital cables (RCA/BNC or AES)  in the range.

One critically important factor to to stress with all Entreq Digital Cables is grounding, it is really important to connect them to a dedicated ground box, so either a Silver Minimus, an Olympus Minimus, an Olympus Ten or a single post on a Tellus II Infiinity or even a Poseidon.

The difference it makes to performance by keeping a digital ground isolated and away from any other grounds is quite marked and I would never recommend sharing digital grounds with other components, it simply isn’t worth it!

Entreq USB Cables

Entreq RJ45 (Ethernet) Cables

Entreq Digital Cables