Making The Music Work!

Musicworks are based in Cheadle, just south of Manchester, and they manufacture a fantastic range of power cables and power distribution blocks

All of their products major on improving music communication, coherence and timing. If you already have the makings of a good system but want to take it further the addition of some Musicworks products can be musically very rewarding. 

Musicworks Reflex Ultra G3 @ Audio Therapy

Everything starts with a wall socket!

I hear so many people say to me that mains cables and mains distribution products are a waste of time, that the last metre of mains cable between the wall socket and the equipment cannot make a difference when you look at the huge journey electricity has to take from being generated, to reach your house and travel along potentially hundreds of metres of twin & earth cable within the infrastructure of your home to reach the wall socket.

I would agree entirely with that statement on the face of it; however, the reality is quite different.

Take your typical hi-fi that has a CD player, a pre-amp and a power amp, all plugged into a standard mains extension block. Replacing this with a Musicworks block and leaving everything else in the system alone will deliver a big improvement in timing; bass lines become tighter and more controlled which allows the rest of the frequencies to breath more easily and flow without restriction. If you move round the components in the system one at a time and upgrade the power cable from a standard one to a Musicworks cable you will find you get the same improvements, but delivered on a much larger scale. All of a sudden the system sounds sweeter, more rounded; timing takes another jump forward and the musicians sound more real, more alive.

Start with just a power block and, as and when funds permit change the power cable that feeds the block (they do not come with one as standard), then the power cables on the actual components themselves. This will take you on a highly rewarding musical journey and doing it this way helps spread the cost and lets you really appreciate the gains you make each step of the way.

Purely as an example, take a system where the 3 components may cost £1500 a box, then adding a Musicworks block costing £485.00 plus 4 power cables costing £400.00 each may sound excessive. But this system as a whole will be a lot more musical and engaging to listen to than one costing more money, but using the standard power cables. Of course, adding some Musicworks to this level of equipment will yield even bigger results, but don’t miss out on what your current hi-fi is capable of!

The star of the show in the Musicworks line up is undoubtedly the Ultra G3 Mains Block, it is available in 2 forms, to the untrained eye there is almost no visual difference to them but there is.

They are priced are £995 and £1300 and the difference is simply the base of the £1300 unit is different. It is made of Musicworks unique material called Acouplex as opposed to the thicker acrylic on the £995 unit. Simply put the £995 sounds superb, but this new alternative sounds even better, it simply does more of all of the things that makes the original sound so good in the first place, better timing, more coherence.

I’d argue the difference between them is easily worth the extra £300 over the original when you hear what it does!

Musicworks ReFLEX Ultra G3 Power Block @ Audio Therapy

Arrange a demonstration and find out for yourself exactly what happens when you integrate some Musicworks in to your system!